on 12:18

Just 21 runners grace the felt of the £100 rebuy PL Omaha event at Walsall last night creating a pot of £3600, Omaha is not really my game of preference however decided to give it a blast.

I get lucky in a hand that’s been raised pre flop by Micky Wernick and we both get it all in on the turn, me: AKQ2 Micky: AAxx Board comes AK5 3 4

I make final table, hardly difficult given that’s theres just 21 runners and only 18 runners turned up to play the £50 sat for the main event.

I get short stacked when I raise up with KKTJ and am forced to call an all in and a call, board blanks out 78685 all in shows 66 for the house while the call flashes AA, short stacked I depart final table in 9th place

Today is the £500 main event and my original estimate was for no more than 65 runners, I now doubt if it can make the 50 mark.

Weather looking good for the weekend, and there’s a football match taking place tomorrow… be lucky.


cashbiatch said...

Hey Steve, keep it going - so close and yet so far at the moment! Finally got my blog back up working again so can reply on yours as well, caroline x