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A massive well done to fellow Midlander Steve Jelinek who took down event number 41 of the WSOP and bagging $245k in the process. Phil Helmuth was also on this final table but finished 7th – Steve’s braclet brings the Brit Haul to 5 now……

Cards seem to be running against me very badly at the moment and I just have to play through this run, I had KK utg last night and raised 175 (25/50) and picked up 6 callers round to the BB, flop comes KAQ, checks to me so I bet 1125 picked up 2 callers, 8 on the turn, checks to me so I bet out for 1600, still 2 callers, Ace on the river and suddenly Andy Pardoe leads out for 2500 – leaving me with 1k if I make the call, I’ve got Anthony Kennady (AK47) behind me and I know one of them has just filled up with a bigger house (AK/AQ), I lay it down, AK47 folds and Andy P flashes AQ for the rivered hand.

I get caught in a set over set when I have pocket 9’s on a Q76 flop, calling AK47 all the way on the 3 turn and the 9 river (resisting the urge to re-shove here) he flips pocket Q’s

I finally get my bowl of rice in with A8 suited but fail to improve v AQ
Well I said yesterday that I would be surprised if more than 45 people turned up for the £200 event and I wasn’t far out went 43 runners paid to get some chips on the felt.

Tonights £110 + 1 rebuy or add on PL Omaha that kicks off at 6pm will attract no more than 25 runners whilst tomorrows £550 main event is going to struggle to get above 65 runners, figures for the week so far are:

Monday £30 Rebuy sat 41 runners
Tuesday £100 F/O 56 runners
Wednesday £150 F/O 63 runners
Thursday £200 F/O 43 runners


Newy said...

Yeah well done to jeli, seems like really desent bloke. Ul wiv KK hand but confirms u playin well to put it down. Such a fine line between success + losing, had another queen landed instead of the ace u get his stack. keep doin wot u doin + u will surely get the breaks soon. Gl in the main

Razboynik said...

Good to see the Brits doing so well. It's about time we showed the Yanks how well we play poker...

unashamedly pure said...

A big well done to Mr Jelinek!!
Is good to see the Brits doing well and a bracelet appearing in the midlands.
Card room turn outs are very poor though Steve. Do you think it may be that its just Walsall and there have been some poor decisions as of late by the management or has the bubble burst?

Ben said...

Well done Steve - seems everyone is blogging about how well he played, and he deserves it. Congratulations.