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I’m sat to the right of Andy Wright and Ali Mallu, after a couple of orbits with no hands I decide to open raise with K2clubs and pick up six callers round to the bb, flop comes 2s3c7c, bb leads for 225, I make it 725 and the BB puts an extra 1k on top leaving himself 3250 behind, I call and the bb insta shoves in the dark, the 3s comes on the turn and I now got a decision to make – I ask him if he’s flushing? I get a read that he is – I then tell him that I’m flushing as well and that I got two pair – I eventually make the call and he flips 45clubs making him a 4/1 dog – the 6 clubs (the only club I didn’t want to see) arrives on the river to give him the straight flush.

Down to 2100 I get it all in with 88 on the bb and pick up 2 callers and get bust by KJ

Todays event is the £200 F/O that is a two day event although with numbers being what they are ten I doubt if there will be over 45 runner tonight.

Monday £30 Rebuy sat 41 runners
Tuesday £100 F/O 56 runners
Wednesday £150 F/O 63 runners

Marcus Bebb-Jones left it to the eleventh hour to appeal his extradition to the USA

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Amatay said...

You play live poker so much, must be tough sometimes mate? Do you still love it?

Steve H. said...

Hi Ams……

I’m only really playing live now except for the odd online/live satty

It is and has become so much harder to win anything and also to final table but the love of the game although dwindles at times is surely deep in my veins – there have been times when poker has felt like a cancer esp on-line and I documented my feelings at the time, they say that you have to really hate something to understand the flip side ie love and I do love the game.

My tourneys are very limited and I rigorously try to play within my role (albeit very depleted due to some high mortgage rates at the mo) – I would love that “one” result that would set me up for “whatever” I wanted to play rather than could “afford” to play.

I gone down the staking route once and had to swallow a lot of personal pride in having to ask and I hate having to sell percentages of myself as that is an indication of playing beyond ones means and would probably never ask again as I hate giving chunks of myself away.

I’m never going to be a Blacth and scank a load of mates so it’s a case of cracking on and playing within my means and enjoying the game for what I can even if it does go on constant bad runs – perhaps that just the level that I’m playing at that you cant push people off hands.

I hope one day to have the financial security to play what I want, when I want to and not give a toss about leader boards sucking me in for the duration.

To answer your question though, I love the game more than ever, even though it’s getting harder and harder to get a result….

You play so much on-line – whats your feelings?