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Just returned from the casino having played my first game in the series of 10 (ten games) that I was seeking backing for.

Good news for my backers is that, having made it down to the last three, we were all thereabouts with the chip count so decided on a three way chop of £4k each, leaving £1,500 on top to play for with the staff getting £250

Very first hand after the deal, I get it all in with A9 suited v KK no joy and then lose a flip next hand for my remaining 50k with KJ v JQ a Q on 5th street kills me off.

My backers getting back 73% return on their investment after the first leg – happy days

Thank you again

Picture above shows the final three in the £200 event

Today’s game is the
Saturday 8th May
£500 + £50 Main Event Freeze out
3PM start time
10,000 chips
Alternates for two levels

At the time of writing this post I’ve been informed that there are just 14 places left as the field is capped at 140 runners plus alternates – if your not in yet and intending to play then you need to get on the phone and book yourself in, the casino take credit and debit card bookings over the phone.

Going to hit the sack now and try and get some sleep before today’s game..

Be lucky. . … . ..


Wildcat said...

Very well done!