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Made the 2 hour journey up to Blackpool and got here for around 5pm.

The Berkswell Hotel is just a two minute walk from the casino (approx 250yrds) and they have vacancies at the moment so get your self booked in if you intend to come up for the festival over the bank holiday – Teresa & Phill are on hand to make sure that your stay is a happy one, late breakfasts for the poker players are standard – click the link for booking details…..

The Berkswell Hotel – Blackpool

Well I was half expecting Blackpool scarves and shirts all the way along the sea front after the local footy team bagged a seat in the Premiership next year – but no sign of any celebrations, I sure that Blackpool will be buzzing next year with the influx of 19 guaranteed home matches against top flight competition.

Decided to have something to eat, courtesy of Andy (Wrighty) and selected the fish and chips off the bar menu at the casino, cause the restaurant doesn’t open till 7pm, even though all the games commence at 7.30, well done Grosvenor, great thinking – anyways, the beer battered cod was more like oily battered cod and was really greasy – I’m sure there’s nicer food in the many restaurants along the front – but thanks anyway Andy

£150 + £15 GUKPT Side event:

With around 120 players turning out for this first event and some useful players in the mix Justin Davenport, Mad Marty Wilson, Zippy, Shrewdy, Tower to name just a few – with players from as far as Teeside, London, Cornwall and Ireland making the trip – bodes well for a busy festival.

My first table (8 seat 3) was pretty much uneventful, getting bust at the start of the 3rd level and I have just under my starting stack of 7500 – My new table (7 seat 5) and I pick up a nice small pot with AT on an 72A7 (3 diamonds) board I call a short stacks all in and he had AT as well, I’ve got the Td oppo had no diamonds and I catch the flush on 5th street, getting me up to around 11k

A few hands later and I decide to pick on this rock, he flats 150 from utg+2, I raise the hijack with 5 3 hearts to 450 folds back to rock who makes it 1450 to go, He just has me covered so I flat call, Qd 5d 3d and he leads out for 1k, I’m happy that I’m ahead so decide to shove as I don’t want to see any more diamonds, he asks for a count, then calls me with pocket Queens, wow – 3 on the turn filling us both up leaves me drawing to just the remaining 3 in the deck that doesn’t come.

I head back over to the hotel where I manage to bag another package in the DTD Vegas sat – so some much needed funds to play the remaining 2 on line sats (tonights = 10 seats guaranteed and Sunday nights = 5 seats guaranteed) and the two “LIVE” sat’s (Saturday and Sunday afternoons both with 10 seats guaranteed).


Jumper said...

unlucky with the 53 call and resultant bustout. Was going to go up and play a couple of smaller events but will have to wait until the Coral series in Liverpool.