on 11:11

Well my day didn’t quite get off to the start that I was looking for.

6am .. on the first tee, hoping for a couple of birdies to come my way in the round ahead and what happens…

A bloke pops out of the trees level with the first tee and says “Good Morning”, now, the only thing unusual about this is, that the chap was wearing absolutely nothing, stark bollock naked.

This chap is a serial streaker and has terrorised the Hotel guests and golf members over a long period of time – I asked him what he thought he was doing, and he says innocently, “I’m just out taking a jog” – “I’m not doing anything wrong” “Nothing illegal old chap” he says – I say, in that case then you can come with me to the hotel and we’ll sort this out – you’re a nuisance and you’ve been upsetting people for some time. He says, I’m not going anywhere – I says you are and end up having to restrain him and take him to reception, giving him my golf hat to cover up his modesty, The police arrived 40 minutes later – good job he wasn’t a rapist as he’d have been long gone in that 40 minutes.

So then I wander back down to the first tee and start again – No birdies just a couple of par’s and loads of bogie’s.

Off to Blackpool today for the £150 F/O 2 dayer GUKPT event.

Be lucky….


donald said...

what a weird odd chap! can you not give this fella an asbo or something. golf requires concentration thats a good enough excuse. like a scene out of happy gilmore.