on 08:10

A massive “WELL DONE” to Stuart Rutter who bagged the title of GUKPT Coventry Champion, lets hope he takes this confidence booster and smashes Vegas apart.

On Sunday I ended up playing the £20 rebuy (WSOP sat) over at DTD, chucking £140 into the pot and not even doing the add on as when I entered the club I asked “is it a double add on?” “YES” was the reply – well it wasn’t a double add on it was a add on with the option of doing two add on’s – not quite the same as a double add on – anyways I went back after the break with 5k and decided to get jiggy as there was the bounty comp taking place down at Coventry, Final hand was when it had folded round to me on the button so I limped for 300, Pete Linton pumped it up to 1150 from the small, BB folds so I shove the lot, Pete then has a decision to make if I’m making a move or if I’ve got a genuine shoving hand – he eventually flips AJ which is totally dominating my A8.

I make it down the motorway and get to Coventry for just after 6pm having pre registered over the phone, I’ve only lost 300 chips from my 7500 starting stack and I’m on a table where I only recognise 2 other players. I get myself up to 9k quite quickly but then get involved in a bit of a cooler hand, I limp utg2, 4 limpers to the bb and he checks he’s option, 9h9c4s is a good flop for my A4 hearts – checks all the way round 2h on the turn so I lead out here for 1100 and pick up 1 caller, Kh on the turn so I checked the river – looking to check raise, oppo bets 1100 so I tanked for 30 seconds then shoved, hoping he had a 9 or a smaller flush, I certainly didn’t put him on the K9 which explains why he insta called me, and had me covered.

Back to Telford and I make it for the 8pm start on DTD for a Vegas seat - £60 in and I got disconnected 2 minutes before the add on with just 1700 chips, F*ck, I get reconnected after about 10 minutes or so and play a steady game of building my stack up although at this stage I only had “one move”. One hour later and I’m now 6th with around 18k and around 16 runners left and 5 seats in the pot – I lose my connection again – This time I’m disconnected for about 40 minutes, when I finally reconnect I’m on final table – last of 10 with just 2500 left and the blinds at 1250/2500 – I’m in middle position with AT so shove, 2 callers who check down a board of AAJQ4 – nice little triple up and I’m back to 9500, very next hand AT (suited) all in and NO callers putting me up to around 14500 with the ante’s, very next hand and it’s QQ (UTG) so again I shove and get called by mid position and he flips AK, I hit my Q on the flop giving me a nice little double up to 35k and it’s not long before I’m chip leader and putting pressure on the small stacks – constantly aware that my connection could go down at any minute again – finally bagged a seat – so I think that I’ve spent a total of around £280 to get the £550 seat – now I just need to convert it to a VEGAS PACKAGE.

I played the 10% main event GUKPT game on Blue Sq last night managing to cash for 3rd spot but more importantly picking up a further 16 points putting me on 180 points and 2nd in the GUKPT leader board and just 78 points behind Ali Mallu.

Think I will travel up to Blackpool for the £150 F/O 2 dayer that starts tomorrow but wont be playing the main event as it clashes with the DTD WSOP Final on Monday (Bank Holiday).