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Staking Request

I haven’t been playing much due to a problem over at one of my properties in Shropshire – I had some tenants in there that was using the place as a cannabis factory, I insisted on coming round to do a property inspection at the start of January as I hadn’t been there for some time, anyway - they did a runner, upon breaking in I found gaping holes in all the walls, ceilings and roof where they had some 8” ducting going throughout the house, Holes from the lounge into the garage, all the floors were flooded and all the floor coverings in every room were written off, holes in all the ceilings where they were hanging their lights from, Kitchen units and appliances stolen – the whole house was trashed leaving me with a bill that 3 months on but now nearing completion as I’ve had to do most of the work myself totals around £9k, I’ve been forced to do most of the work myself as my insurance company (Direct Line for LANDLORDS business insurance) have used the clause * malicious damage caused by lawful tenants is excluded, they advice me to find the tenant and sue them – great help!!! On top of all this – I’ve lost the rent for the last 4 months – meaning that any profit I’ve made in this house in the last 10 years has now been swallowed up.

My live form this year is good for the events that I have played. I’ve bagged TWO champion of Champion seats and finished 2nd twice for another two seats, I finished 25th / 243 runners at the April DTD £300 deepstack crashing out when my KK was no match for A4 – I am currently 6th (April’s results included) in the GUKPT leaderboard having secured 22 points for the 10% on-line game and leapfrogging Neil Channing and two others in the process-Ali Mallu seems to be running away with it at the moment as he’s on 258 points now. I didn’t manage to play Manchester apart from the £100 side event on the Friday night that I managed to bubble after running my AK into AJ. 12th/112

I have already qualified for the £200 and £500 Bristol Gala British Masters Tour (7th/9th May) and the £200 and £500 events for Leeds 11th/13th June where I will be trying to win my 3rd main event title to go with the wins from Nottingham 2007 and Liverpool 2009

I would love to play the Coventry GUKPT festival in May and try to give Ali Mallu a decent run for the title – I am looking for staking on these events:

£200 +£20 F/O = 17th May
£100 + £10 R/B = 18th May (£310 allowing for 1 rebuy and the add on)
£300 + £30 F/O = 19th May
£250 + £25 D/C = 20th May (PL Omaha)
£1000 + £70 F/O = 21st May (Main Event)
£2180 TOTAL

I am looking for a 40/60 deal (60% in my favour) with NO make up and the reason for this is that I will also include the Bristol and Leeds events that I’m already in (cost £220 / £550 / £220 / £550 = £1540) and the Champion of Champions £150,000 guaranteed (seat is considered to be worth £1000 approx.

I already have 2 x 7500 (15k) starting stack for the Champion of Champions event and am determined to make this the maximum 25k starting stack before the event on Saturday 4th December.

I will pay my own hotels and fuel expenses for all of the above detailed events

To repeat: I am looking for either 1 (ONE) backer for the full amount of £2180 for 40% or 4 (FOUR) backers at £545 who will each have 10% of me in all the following tourneys.

Coral British Masters Poker Tour (Bristol)
£200 + £20 F/O = 7th May
£500 + £50 F/O = 8th May (Main Event)

GUKPT (Coventry)
£200 +£20 F/O = 17th May
£100 + £10 R/B = 18th May (£310 allowing for 1 rebuy and the add on)
£300 + £30 F/O = 19th May
£250 + £25 D/C = 20th May (PL Omaha)
£1000 + £70 F/O = 21st May (Main Event)

Coral British Masters Poker Tour (Leeds)
£200 + £20 F/O = 11th June
£500 + £50 F/O = 12th June (Main Event)

GUKPT (Champion of Champions festival, Coventry)
Main Event, seat worth £1000 (approx) 4th December

For those of you wanting to check my stats out:
Hendon Mob
Poker in Europe

Funds need to be in my bank before 5pm on 7th May

Interested parties can either use the comment section on my blog: www.steveholdenpoker.blogspot.com

Message me on facebook:

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or email me on

Hopefully, demand will be high – so get in touch ASAP.

Thanks for reading.

Edit, 11.00am Saturday ---
10% share requested by Caroline Cove, leaving 3 more 10% shares or 1 x 40% share -- be quick