on 11:36

Well just 22 runners turned up for the £100 r/b last night at Coventry and the figures don’t look like improving as the week goes on.

Got an ear infection that is giving me a massive migraine and I cant get an appointment with the surgery till Friday.

I Busted from last nights £100 rebuy with J4 clubs on a jack high board with two clubs, bet/ i push insta call from queens and no help for me. . . in for £400 and NO return

I have decided against playing the rest of the week at Coventry simply because I think that it lacks value – esp if you’ve already got a champ of champs seat.

Got some work I can carry on with over at Telford, so plenty to keep me busy.

Be lucky….


Truthans said...

Hello Steve,

I finally came round to add you to my blog roll. Maybe you could include me in yours.

Read you soon.