on 09:54

A massive WELL DONE to Dave Swan (14th for £2,700) and Andros Spyrou (3rd for £30,000)

I played the £50 rebuy sup/sat at Coventry last night that had 10 seats guaranteed to the main event – just 60 runners and a £4k overlay – I put £150 into the pot and crash out in 14th spot when my QQ ran into KK – was effectively a shove fest at this point with the blinds at 1k/2k/200 and the ave at 22k – this was also the first time the GUKPT had an overlay in one of their “10 seats guaranteed” games. There’s just the one starting day for the main event and I’ve got this feeling that the numbers are not going to set the world on fire this week. I personally don’t think that there will be any more than 90 runners for the main event.

Tuesday 22nd June is going to be the budget day so that’s when we get to find out exactly what cuts they (Tories/Lib dems) have got planned for us – down hill from now on IMHO.

David Beckham may as well go and pick that bid back up for the 2018 World cup cause as usual we’ve shot ourselves before we even get to the first hurdle.

England won the 20/20 cup final last night so at least that’s something we can have a nationalistic smile about today.