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Having spent a fair wedge trying to qualify on line for the Pokerstars UKIPT festival taking place at DTD I decide to make my way over to Nottingham for the last chance super sat with 10 seats guaranteed.

I take my seat on 36/6 about ten minutes in due to some action on the cash table that saw me drop a few buy-ins to runner runner suck outs.

After around 4 hands I decide to play my first hand by raising the button to 125 picking up the small and bb as callers, I holding QT, flop comes 9h Tc Td sb + bb (Robin ex dtd dealer) both check the flop to me so I fire out a bet of 450, sb folds and the bb decides to re-pop me to 1750 – cant see that I’m really behind here as at worst he’s probably got TJ, any way – I shove and he tanks then deciding to call with 9dQd, great stuff – he’s almost drawing stone cold dead, till he hits runner runner diamond diamond – great call.

I then push blind for my remaining 450 and get a double up from K8 v my 75 holding, board 67K5A, very next hand and I find JJ in the hole, I shove over the top of an early poison limp who then gives it the Hollywood when tanking over my total, he eventually calls and flips KK, I make my way back to the cash table – where I get shafted a total of 4 times to runner runner – not my night.

I am playing the main event in a few hours time (Wednesday Noon) and will hopefully be coming back on Friday (day 2) with a healthy chip stack.

Gordon Brown has departed No 10 and we now see a Tory/Lib Dem co-operative, you can fully expect this alliance to fall out within two years, another General Election which hopefully the Labour party can sort them selves out in the next two years and come back as a stronger team.

If you thought things were bad under the Labour government then you aint seen nothing yet………………………..

Good luck if your playing the UKIPT