on 08:35

Made it back to day 2 of the dtd deepstack with 38k and just 41 runners left with 27 making the cash – I had no panic as Paul Newman had reminded me that I wasn’t really all that short with 15xbb – never being one for laddering into the cash my eyes were firmly fixed on the £24k first prize.

The bubble burst for the cash and we broke down to 3 tables of 9 and it was my table that got broken up – I moved to my new table with around 70k and I was gone within 3 hands and 15 minutes..

Hand 1) I’m straight into the bb at 4k / 8k / 800ra on a full table of 9 runners and Trevor Pearson in the hijack shoves for an extra 11900, folds to me and I figure that with 40k now in the pot – I have to make the call with any two cards, so I call blind – 64o v K7o with the K7 holding up.

Hand 2) very next hand and I’m on the sb for 4k and I’m now holding around 50k – action folds round to the hijack who shoves all in – folds round to me and I find A5 suited, I look across the table and I see a stack containing around 5 greens (1k) and there seem to be around 15k in reds (500’s) I make a very quick decision that this guy is short stacked and is very possibly pushing light here – I go all in to isolate the action as Paul King was on my bb and he was reaching for his chips – Paul folds and we’re on our backs A5 v 44 a 4 on the flop is followed by a 5 on the flop along with a 3, I call for a 2 that comes on the turn but a spade on the river sends the pot over to seat 10 with his 4 high flush – Then I discover my most basic of all school boy errors that I had made since I started playing poker – this chap had at the bottom of his 500 chip stack a number of 5k chips (these are very close to the same colour as the 500 chip), 5 of them and what I thought was a 20k stack had turned out to be a 45k stack – DTD if reading this really need to do something about how close the colours are on the table with just 4 chips in play, 100/500/1000/5000 with the 5k and the 500 being so close together in the colour spectrum – some thought should be given to this point. – however, It was my mistake and it will very certainly be a mistake that I never repeat – It was a call I would not have made had I known how much of my stack I was committing, anyways

Hand 3) having demolished my stack down to 8k and dropping the 800/ra into the pot every hand it certainly wasn’t going to be long before I got it in with any two cards and my move came when I was 2nd to speak having just 6.8k left and a raise utg to 19k I figured that I would be getting 3/1 with the sb and bb in there as well and indeed I was in a good spot with my A4 suited being ahead of my oppo’s QT suited, board ran good till the river delivered a flush against me and I crashed in 25th place from the 243 entries, another good deep run but as I say “A schoolboy error never to be repeated”.

I then travelled down to Coventry to play the £50 freeze out 10k sup sat for the Pokerstars UKIPT tournament next weekend, 60 runners making 5 seats and £250 cash for 6th place, 8.30pm start and at 4.15am I walk away with a seat in what can only be described as soft play and bad play, I just hope that the main event is full of Coventry runners as I could guarantee myself a final place.

Having bagged a seat in this sat – it prevents me playing in the sat on Wednesday night at 8.30 as there is a strict, “No Refund – Non transferable” policy so I wont bother playing it, I would have done though if I was allowed to as I would have transferred it to the Nottingham leg of the tour.

James Mitchell bagged the Irish Open title to his resume and picks up a winner’s cheque for 600k euros, some spending money for Vegas no doubt, Well done James.

On the Sunday at DTD Paul King turned up with his missus to rail him, myself, Paul and Colin McTaggart all decided to put Kanda (Paul’s better half) into the £150 side event on a 25% basis with Kanda keeping 25% for being the jockey…..138 runners, £20,700 in the pot, Kanda getting lucky early on when "all-in" pre against chunky Mick and being dominated with QQ v KK and spiking a lady, UL Mick, and at 1.34am Kanda walks off with first place, WELL DONE THAT LADY xxxx

Some work to crack on with over at Telford this week and will be playing the main event at Coventry on Friday, posts may be limited so be lucky till the next one, ;-)