on 11:49

Monthly Deepstack over at dtd today – so I will travel over there but I imagine that there will be a hefty overlay given that it’s Easter weekend and the Irish Open is also on.

Villa travel up to Bolton, where given our humiliation down at the bridge last week this fixture offers us a chance of redemption and given that the squad will be playing for Wembley semi final places, 0-3 to the Villa.

The house over at Telford is almost complete now and it’s taken a lot of hard work to get it into it’s current state – No internet connection over there excuses the lack of posts on my blog – and to be honest – I haven’t missed blogging – sometimes it just feels like a chore. Perhaps I need to change the direction or the content of my posts, It could be that I’ve got fuck all to say as I’ve been to busy over at Telford or there again it could be that I just cant be arsed – I don’t know, - your thoughts please…..

Until the next post, Happy Easter


Gavin said...

My thoughts - Just blog when you feel like it mate as it's always good to read the updates. Like the Easter pic btw