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Direct Line have decided that because it was a criminal act (Cannabis factory) committed by the lawful tenants that my insurance is void.

So Direct Line for business clients (ie; Landlords insurance) is a load of old bollocks, although they reckon that all insurance companies have the same exclusion written in them (where malicious damage is caused by a lawful tenant – policy will be void)

You have to pay extra for that exclusion to be included, although most companies wont insure for that exclusion, is what I’m being told – I thought I had that’s why I had Landlords business insurance.

I know I'm not the first that it's happened to and I sure as hell aint going to be the last but..
£4k down – mugged off – wont be going back to Direct Line…
and they wonder why people make a drama out of a crisis


ROSSI said...

thats one f*cking bad beat. you'll have to bide your time steve and then put a dodgy claim in, play the twats at their own game.

Newy said...

Scum. Absolute tossers. Quick enough to take ur money but never want to pay out. Makes me angry. Well done on ur recent results mate. Keep it up :)

reevio said...

Can you not sue the guys who got done in the house raid?

You should speak to Alan Vinnicombe as he had the exact same problem before Xmas in his rented house.