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Marcus Bebb Jones is back in court today and should find out if the Americans are going to demand the death penalty.

Although Britain have a treaty with the yanks my understanding of it is that if the person facing extradition is also facing the death penalty then Britain will not extradite – so you can fully expect the American authorities to comply with Marcus’s barristers demands

Good luck buddy…..

Pokerstars aren’t saying how much was stolen at the weekend but did release this press statement:

The European Poker Tour has released a new statement following Saturdays armed robbery at the Grand Hyatt Hotel here in Berlin. This statement corrects some of the misreporting of the incident in the media...

"Saturday at approximately 2.15pm, an armed robbery took place at the European Poker Tour (EPT) event in Berlin. Nobody was seriously injured.

Four armed men were involved in the robbery which targeted the tournament registration desk outside the tournament area.

No shots were fired and the suspects quickly fled after a security guard intervened. The police investigation so far has shown that the suspects had a handgun and a machete. Contrary to tabloid reports, no Kalashnikov assault rifles or hand grenades were used. The suspects did not enter the tournament area and the money taken was substantially less than what has been reported.

The tournament resumed after a few hours and a police investigation is now under way. The tournament is taking place on the first floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Marlene-Dietrich-Platz and is being held by SPIELBANK Berlin Casino.

The police are working closely with the EPT and SPIELBANK Berlin. Police are asking anyone who has information, video footage or photographs that might aid the investigation to contact them."

So if you know someone withs loads of euro’s and has won fuck all – then ask them for some money

Still more painting to do over at Telford.


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Poker star 'facing inhuman US trial over wife's murder'
Marcus and Sabrina Bebb-Jones, Melrose Hotel, Grand Junction, in 1996. Pic: Christopher Tomlinson, Daily Sentinel
Briton Marcus Bebb-Jones and his wife Sabrina owned a hotel in Colorado

A British poker star accused of killing his wife should not be tried in the US because potential jail terms breach his human rights, his barrister has said.

Marcus Bebb-Jones, of Kidderminster, is accused of murdering his American wife Sabrina and dumping her body in a Colorado national park in 1997.

Ben Cooper told an extradition hearing Colorado's "irreducible" mandatory life without parole sentence was "inhuman".

Westminster magistrates delayed a decision on extradition until 12 April.

American prosecutors claim Mr Bebb-Jones, 46, murdered wife Sabrina and then spent her money during a "playboy" weekend in Las Vegas.

Mrs Bebb-Jones's skull was found in the national park in 2004.

It really does create a mockery of justice
Ben Cooper

Her professional gambler husband was arrested in a raid at his home last year.

Arguing for extradition on behalf of the US government, Aaron Watkins told the court that the possibility of clemency or reprieve - albeit "remote" - did exist in the state.

Mr Watkins said even if it was established that the sentence was irreducible, it should be no bar to extradition.

Mr Cooper said discretionary powers of clemency had never been used and cited a similar case in which the usual tariff was compared with "being on death row, with no exit".

He has asked US authorities for assurances that the sentence could be reduced or that Mr Bebb-Jones could serve it in the UK, where he is the sole carer for the couple's son, 16.

The barrister said the idea of a life sentence without possibility of parole was "grossly disproportionate".

He described it as "inconsistent with the standards of justice we hold dear, taking no account of the gravity of the crime or progress made towards rehabilitation".

"It really does create a mockery of justice," he added.

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8:44am Thursday 11th March 2010

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A KIDDERMINSTER poker champion will die behind bars if extradited to the United States for the alleged murder of his wife 12 years ago, a court has heard.