on 10:18

I didn’t go to the Sporting Emporium in the end as I thought that there was too much value down stairs in the £200 freeze out (10k) with over 280 runners turning up.

I played 3 key hands quite bad when out of position and paid the price for doing so.

I headed back to the room to play the warm up, the millions and the £150 freeze out on Blue Sq for a seat to the GUKPT – 3rd hand in the later and I’ve got A x suited, I get involved with Charlie Denton and on the turn when 4 to the flush I bet the pot of around 550 to which Charlie flats me, a 5 on the river and Charlie shoves all in for the remainder of his stack, I insta call as I think I’ve made a set of 5’s – Charlie shows K5 and the pot gets shoved to him whilst I’m eliminated – I think wtf, I check the hand history and I had A6 for Ace high – that’s the last time I play on Blue Sq with mini sized screens, wp Charlie.

I don’t fair any better on either of the two majors on Stars and end up sweating with Paul King who managed to make the money busting out around 1200th.

Mid-day flight back to Brum and reality….


JimJacobs said...

Sounds like it was still a good trip despite not making the win. Good luck for the rest of February!