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Deep Stack festival – DUBLIN 4th / 8th Feb

I’m over in Dublin at the moment for the Green Joker poker deepstack festival – whilst be a fantastic festival – well structured – well run and well supported – sold out before it started (main event 400 runners at £550) with over 300 French players in the main – it must be said and I hope that the organisers take note – the festival has lost some of the Irish craic atmosphere due to the shortage of Irish players. The cash tables that are normally noisy, boisterous and a dammed good laugh have become like a subdued wake – there is a notable absence of the table banging, shouting, laughing, boyish behaviour that one would expect at a festival in Ireland.

The room that I’ve ended up with is in the executive wing (norm 210 euros per night) “The Towers” and I’m assuming is on the poker rate of 48 euros per night – I imagine that I might have a shock when I come to check out.

Having secured my seat on Blue Sq through the lobby when I heard that the seats were selling fast I made my way to Dublin on Thursday via an Air Lingus flight from Birmingham. Checked in and managed to get some dinner with Mick McCluskey before the super satellite started at 8pm, 50 euro rebuy with a maximum of 2 rebuy’s and 15 seats guaranteed to the main event. I rebuy on my 1st hand when I get it all in on an ace high board with AK to get called by AQ who hits the Q on the river – I also have my add on and 8 hours later I manage to get a cash prise of 550 euros – having already got a seat. The sat made 15 seats and £550 prizes down to 54th spot with 55th getting £150 – not bad considering that there were just 208 runners.

After meeting up with Nick Wright from WPT magazine for breakfast I then made my way to the large ballroom for the start of the 2pm Main Event. I feel like shit having had only 3 hours sleep and I battle through the first 3 x 1 hour levels maintaining my 50k starting stack on a table with 9 froggies, on the first two levels the betting went sb/bb x8 – I lose around 8k in level 4 due to some badly timed moves from me prob due to fatigue.

I decide or my body clock decides that I need to take a sleep so I head back to my suite and get my head down for around 90 minutes – on my return to the table my 42k stack has gone down to 40k – I take the buffet option for dinner although I wont be repeating this again as the curry and rice could have been a lot better. I then go back freshly fuelled and rearing to go and do battle with the Frenchies (I’m still the only English speaker on the table) – 2 hours later at the next break and I’m down to 22k after betting on the river of my missed flush draw and getting called by a turned low end straight. A 15 minute break and I have a “pony” last longer bet with Johnny Keown and I know that I have to start getting jiggy even though I’ve still got 20xbb as the blinds were at 500/1000/100. I managed to get back up to 34k but then busted when I called a raise from mid position to 3k while I was holding Kc5c, flop comes Ks 7h 5s – I lead out for 3k get reraised to 9k so I fire all in over the top of him (he got me covered with around 50k ish) He tanks for around 4 minutes, counting out his stack 4 times before making the call with As 7s – he missed on the red jack turn but binked a red ace on the river.

I play cash for around an hour when I decided to hit the sack.

Today is the £300 20k (2 day) side event presuming that they have available seats for this event to take place, last nights £150 game was cancelled due to lack of tables available. I will post my progress on Twitter should the game go ahead.

General stuff:

I had to force an entry to my house over at Telford Golf Course due to the last tenants doing a runner and leaving the place flooded, smashed up and trashed with the bill running into many thousands. The insurance company (Direct Line) put me on the “warned list” that I may not be covered as the damage was due to criminal activity, Nice one…..

I tried to buy into Pokerstars UKIPT event next week in Manchester but have been told that it’s sold out so I will concentrate on repairing the house over at Telford and then concentrate on the side events at Walsall’s GUKPT that I have qualified for via the VIP packages on Blue Sq.

I failed to do any good in the Pokerstars Blogger championships.

So going around and shagging your mate’s missus makes you an unfit geezer to be the England captain – step up Rio, someone who went awol when he should have been having a drugs test - Ferdinand is currently serving a four-match ban for violent conduct after only just returning to action following a three-month lay-off because of a back injury, oh well, before this rumpus I didn’t think we would make it past the quarter final stages in South Africa in the summer – now, I think we’ll have trouble making the quarter final stages.

Villa have a difficult away game at Spurs today where if we pick up all 3 points then it would be a nice bonus.



Wildcat said...

Shit, not good about the house :( Don't take any crap from the insurance company, they'll do anything to get out of paying. Contact the Ombudsman if they refuse. Good luck.