on 08:28


There are times in your life that are worthy of a note or two.

I brought a car (Peugeot 206 HDI) which Claire affectionately called Percival back in May 2005 with 22k on the clock and less than 5 years later the old chap has clocked up a staggering 123456 – that’s an average of 20k year running up and down the country playing poker tournaments.

Mechanical costs of £2k over that period = 2p per mile.

Well done Percy – you’re a star.

Been Busy over at Telford and in all probability will be over there for the next couple of weeks getting the house sorted.

Bubbled in the DTD 6 seats guaranteed last night.

Pancake day today although I don’t think that I’ll be doing any tossing – Happy Pancake Day