on 21:03

Having qualified for Manchester via the Blue Sq sponsored package I make my way up to Manchester for the first English leg of the Pokerstars UKIPT tour. I’m on Table 14 seat 4 and apart from scouse Tony in seat 9 I don’t recognise anyone else on my table, most of the lads on my table have got all the Pokerstars gear on so I imagine that the majority of them are internet qualifiers.

After around 25 minutes I pick up QQ in mid position with 3 limpers in the pot so I “overbet” thinking there was 450 in the pot I bet 600 when in fact there was just 225 in the middle – anyways one of the limpers comes along, flop 6 4 8 this Italian lad bets out 450 here so I pump it up to 1250 and he flats me, 7 on the turn and he leads for 1250, fearing that he’s hit a set I just flat here, Jack on the river and he again leads for 2100, I dwell and eventually make the call and he flips over 7 4 off (Welcome to Pokerstars I think to myself).

I manage to get back up to my starting stack of 15k for the end of the first level. I then call a raise of 325 (50/100) with QsTs and two other callers in the pot, flop comes 987 (rainbow) and it checks round to me, I lead for 750 and the button makes it 1500 folds to me so I flat call, J on the turn giving me the high straight to the queen so I check and the button bets 1600 so I raise to 3600 and the button calls, I’m putting him on pocket tens although I cant rule out a smaller hand that’s caught a set – an 8 on the river and showing strength I lead for 3400 leaving myself 6200 from my stack of 15k – button puts me all in and whilst I’m hoping that he’s got pocket tens and he thinks he’s splitting it with me – but my gut tells me that the 8 is a shit card for me and has filled him up, I pay the price to find out and of course he flips over pocket 9s for the rivered house and I am around the 5th to exit – scant conciliation that I wasn’t first anyway.


At least that frees up my weekend so I can crack on with some of the work over at Telford.

Well done to Julian Thew who has joined the ranks of Team Pokerstars Pro’s