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Played the first event in this year’s Pokerstars Blogger Championships and played two hands in one whole hour.

After getting bored of passing my hands and chips through lack of paint on the virtual plastic I made a move with 89 suited when there had been a raise and a reraised so I shove for around 1450 that was left from my original starting stack of 2k, I get looked up from the re-raiser who’s got me well covered and is holding AQ suited, a 9 on the flop followed by an 8 on the river gives me a much needed double up whilst the AQ feller starts giving me a load of blah blah blah – pue comical.

Very next hand I have AK suited on the BB and the button makes it 800 (100/200) so I ship it all in 3450 and he insta calls with pocket queens – the poker gods decide that I’m not having two in a row and tease me with an ace as a window card but then deliver a queen on the turn, QQ has me covered and off I go whilst the AQ from the previous hand is still ranting – I must check out his blog.

I then bagged a seat on DTD for their Deepstack in February although I just remembered that I’ll be in Dublin that weekend for the Green Joker poker Deepstack Festival so will have to transfer the seat to the March deepstack if they’ll let me.

I finished 5th in the first 10% main event on Blue Sq after having 45% of the chips in play with just 5 runners left and paying three spots although the ranking points carried down to sixth spot,
I thought I could push this player off a had on an 8 high board after three betting him pre and three betting him all in on the flop – I had AQ suited and he had pocket 10s – this hand left me as the short stack even though I still had over 15bb’s I decided to step up the aggression and push on – finished 5th for a further 15 pts to go with the 60 that I picked up from Bolton which I think puts me 4th in the GUKPT league standings..

Car still in the garage in intensive care and I’m nursing myself after they’ve given me a rough estimate – they haven’t finished finding all the faults so there’s still more to come – DOH

Be lucky….


Sunny said...

Hi Steve,

Good updates on the blog as usual. Any chance you could link us up?


Great start to the year in Bolton, I hope it continues. Good luck at Wembley, you (and Chaz) will need it haha ;)