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21st Jan.
Having parted with £180 in the afternoon satellite and going out on the final table bubble when dealing on the self deal tables I run my AK into AJ on an s s s board and I’m holding the As – how sick do I feel when I give him his Jack on the turn and he’s got me covered by 400 chips.

I brought myself into the evening £150 freezeout sup sat starting at 9pm and I head back to the hotel for an hours sleep. There was only 5 booked into this at 6pm so I was a bit concerned that it was going to be a bit of a let down but when I get back later there are now 9 seats up for grabs.

I make it down to the last three tables but getting down to the felt and having put half my stack in when utg with AcQc there’s no way I’m folding to the re-raise in late position – I call and he has pocket kings – No miracle ace and I’m off to play some £2/£2 NL cash. I deposit £200 and I’m soon up to £400 – having doubled up I’m in no rush to make stupid moves so just sit chatting and seeing as many flops as I can.

By around 4am I’m up to around £550 so having free rolled for the day I decide to call it a day.

22nd Jan
I’m due in court in Wolverhampton for failing to provide information and going through a speed camera at 40mph in a 30mph area after pleading not guilty at the last hearing. I make some frantic calls to the cps and to the court to get the case adjourned so I can speak to a “legal” and they agree to postpone it till after 12th feb.

I decide that I’m not playing the main as apart from running good in the £150 I just don’t “feel it” at the moment. I buy in for the £100 which gets around 115 runners and at the first break I’ve got ave chips, I then do half my stack running pocket 6’s into pocket aces on a J44 board. I get moved to a new table and get two completely opposite hands back to back.

Hand 1) AhKh utg I raise to 1875 (300/600/50) and the sb and bb call me, flop comes TT8 both check to me so I fire the rest of my 4850 into the pot getting an insta call from the sb who’s got TJ – I tap the table saying “well played” and start to leave the table when I get runner runner hearts to give me the nuts and put me back over ave with 15,200

Hand 2) 78 on the bb and it’s limped round to me (4 limpers) flop comes 478 so I lead for 1200 and pick up 1 caller in first position (got him on overcards obv) turn comes an 8 so I lead again for 1200 and he flats me again, river comes a Q and I lead for 3600, hoping that he’s got the Q with an ace then he might call me – he repops me all in forcing me to tank – I’m only behind to two hands QQ and Q8 and I haven’t got him on the latter, there’s also a flush on now and I decide to call, QQ is his hand and I’m off to play some cash.

£200 on the £2/£2 table and I do half of that on my first hand when my KJ is no match for KQ on a K8874 board – I then do the rest of this in my next hand with Ac4c on a Xc Jd Qh Tc – all money goes in and I miss my draw on the river – feeling tilted I decide to call it a day heading back to the hotel to play on Stars.

23rd Jan
At 7pm tonight will be the £200 Freeze out (2 dayer) and I’m feeling confident that I can get a deep run in this event

Main event chip counts of the remaining players:

(highlighted my "FIVE" to watch out for)

Sami Yusuf - 94,400
Robert Price - 91,400
Liam Flood - 85,100
Richard Bean - 80,700
Kyriacos Dionysiou - 78,600
James Sykes - 77,800
Marcin Milde - 77,200
Simon Deadman - 76,500
Mark Robinson - 75,900
Alan Mcclean - 68,700
Michael Hill - 59,900
Terence Owens - 52,000
Steve Holloway - 51,300
Aaron Barry - 51,200
Stephen Eames - 50,700
Richard Kellett - 49,100
Martin Silke - 48,600
Andrew Miles - 47100
Justin Devonport - 45,400
Gregory Hunt - 42,900
Jeff Kimber - 42,600
Charles Chattha - 42,400
Jonathan Kalmar - 40,500
James Williams - 40,300
David Gardner - 40,100
Richard Buck - 39,800
Andrew Purser - 39,300
Alan Trueick - 38,700
Marc Wright - 38,400
Jack Sandford - 36,600
Karl Fenton - 32,200
Brian Medley - 31,400
Richard Dawson - 30,000
Priyan de Mel - 29,900
Om Aggarwal - 29,000
Jeff Hemmerman - 28,700
Christopher McNicholls - 28,400
Andrew Booth - 25,500
Paul Wilson - 24,000
Mark Wilson - 23,300
Robert Boon - 22,200
Leon Campbell - 21,700
Simon Wolf - 19,400
Paul Parker - 19,400
Anwar Kanj - 18,900
Bernardo Battistotti - 18,700
Phillip Booth - 18,600
Waseem Shahid - 17,800
Andrew Queenan - 17,200
John Kay - 17,100
Anthony Mackay - 17,000

Lots of very useful names still in the mix with a £54k first prize up for grabs – good luck to everyone going back for day two.

The FA Cup

(Highlighted my picks)

Accrington Stanley v Fulham
Aston Villa
v Brighton
Bolton v Sheff Utd
Cardiff v Leicester
Derby v Doncaster
Everton v Birmingham
Notts County v Wigan
Portsmouth v Sunderland
Preston v Chelsea
v Burnley
Southampton v Ipswich
Tottenham v Leeds United
West Brom v Newcastle
Wolverhampton v Crystal Palace


The Dyer said...

Steve! After so long reading your blog it saddens me that you picked AGAINST the mighty Pompey.

"The Dyer"

Full Tilt Donkey and avid Pompey fan.