on 11:14

£150 Freezeout side event GUKPT BOLTON.

Well I always knew that Lawrence Gosney was going to feature in my quest to get deep in this event and that proved to be the case.

On my return to the casino and our table redraw, I gain an early advantage when I don’t recognise anyone on my table – unfortunately this joy doesn’t last for long as our table is broken within one orbit and I find myself with Lawrence as my new table companion and he is chipped up to fuck. Mulla, & Aaron Barry are two others that I am weary of on my new table.

After about 25 minutes and my return stack of 49k has now dwindled down to 43k. I’m on the sb when Lawrence starts a limping hand & there are 4 limpers round to me when I find AQ spades so I hump it up to 14k, folds to LG who asks “how much you playing”, I declare another 29k ish, he then elects to flat me – knowing he is going to c-bet if I check the flop to him I decide that I am jamming no matter what but to my good fortune I hit top pair on a 9JQ flop, I jam, he calls showing me KQ for a gut shot/back door flush draw as well, my hand holds up, I’m up to 95k.

Around 15 minutes later and Lawrence gets moved on the bb, I think “thank fuck for that” I then notice over the next 90 minutes or so that LG is completely battering his new table, he has increased his damaged stack of around 75k back up to around 180/200k. He is going to be the man to beat.

I am lucky enough to avoid him when we get broken down to the last two tables and “in the money” picking my spots carefully, making moves on the weak players who are just looking to ladder up the money.

I make final table with ave chips, once again Lawrence is the danger man as he’s got around 450k from the 1.4 chips in play, he’s in seat two while I’m in seat three, he comments to me “you’ve got me exactly where you want me” and I say “I certainly have” I decide that I’m just playing positional poker, I am determined that I want to be heads up with Lawrence and know that the only way I can beat him is to get heads up with him.

LG starts final table the way his been playing for the last two days “fucking relentlessly” there’s about 4/5 occasions where he’s made a raise and I’ve shoved behind him, forcing him to fold his marginal hands, he comments “play some poker with me and stop jamming”. The last person I think to myself “I want to play poker with at the moment is you” and I’m happy to take the pot uncontested without showing any hands.

At one point I play some poker with him when he limps onto my bb and I check my option with 89o flop comes 7 3 T and he fires out a bet of 25k (6k/12k) and I insta call, the turn brings a Q we both check here for the river to bring a K, Lawrence checks to me so I think I have to bet here, so fire out a bet of 45k, he tanks for around 2 minutes, I’m thinking “just fold”, anyway he calls me, I tap the table saying “good call” flipping over my 9 high hand – he then taps the table and passes his cards over the line face down when someone says “Lawrence - he’s only got 9 high” Lawrence’s cards haven’t reached the muck but they are face down and I thinking wtf - has Lawrence “misread” my hand” – when suddenly Lawrence says “I can see his only got 9 high – I’ve only got 6 high but I called him cause I thought he might have been playing 4 5.

I eventually get heads up with Lawrence after around three hours of the final table, he’s got me by a 3/1 chip advantage – I play a few pots with him keeping them as small as I can but keeping control of the pots as well, it’s not long before we are 35/65 in chips.

I then call a min raise to 40k (10k/20k) as I’m on the bb with 69o, flop comes down 6 A 9, I’m thinking “have an ace” I lead for 55k when he jams on me – putting me all in, I insta call flipping my two pair and he turns over AK suited, “hold up I say to myself”, 6 on the turn, his now down to just three aces for his outs and he missus.

This put me up to around 1.1million when he suggests a chop – I say that (first was £8250- second was £5350) you can take £6500, I’ll take the rest, we agree and shake hands.

I then get some pictures at the table when Lawrence comes back after around two minutes and says that he didn’t realize that there was a champion of champions seat with first place, asked if we could “play it out for the seat”, the chips were still on the table and hadn’t been mixed together so there was no problem there – so I said to Lawrence that I was happy to play it out for the seat but we would have to play it out for the prize money as it was on the board – Lawrence was happy to do this so play resumed.

We played for around another 10/15 minutes when I wake up with pocket 7s in the sb, so I limp – I had limped or min raised the last two hands and Lawrence had jammed, “all-in” he says and I insta call and he flips A6 – with the lucky 7s holding up as all five streets of play came down on the board.

So I bag £8250 and the inaugural trophy and seat to the champions of champions in this Grosvenor UK Poker Tour 2010

I had loads of texts and good luck messages during the game yesterday, I had my phone on silent so I could concentrate on the task in hand but I do want to thank everyone for their good luck messages – they really do mean the earth to me and they also spur me on,

Good Luck to Caroline Cove who is on Final table of the £100 rebuy


ROSSI said...

great result steve

Newy said...

Well done Steve, hope this is the 1st of many wins in a big year for ya. Well played and gud luck in the main event. (Presumin u will play it now u cashed up) C ya soon

Gavin said...

VWP mate.

Anonymous said...

The call with 6 high is one of the worst things I have ever read, or seen in poker lol!

Anonymous said...

Epic value bet with 9 high though.

havin_a_laff said...

Great Results and very nice start to the year!

Michael said...

Well done Steve, great result.

andriena said...

very well played steve!..... congratulations, and ,may it continue for the rest of the year.... great blogging as allways :-)

Ciaran Corbett said...

Great result Steve. Another champions of champions for you!

Wildcat said...

Superb result, very well done!

Mark said...

Hi very well played steve! you have done great job i hope you will continue it.

Good luck.
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