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17th Jan
After watching the Villa - West Ham game which from a Villa fans perspective was a disappointing result I made my way up to Bolton for the Sup Sat £50 rebuy.

Checked into the hotel then got to the casino for the start of the game 5.30pm which made 102 with alternates, 2500 starting chips and a double add on of 5k with a rebuy in the middle of it somewhere when my AK was no match for an aipf bet v 55 The game that had 10 seats guaranteed managed to make 14 seats and around £500

Grosvenor are intending to run one of these 10 seats guaranteed super at each venue before each festival starts and I think that this proved that the punters want VFM sats.

So I’m £150 into the game and at the first break (add-on) 7.45pm I have 7.5k with the ave at 9,800

At 8.15 I get a double up to 18k with JJ into 99 unluckily for me this was where my good fortune ended.

At 10pm with just 60 runners left I am just on ave chips

At 11pm I crash out in 44th spot after being card dead for around the last three hours eventually pushing my bowl of rice of 7k with AJ suited into AK and pocket 9s with the AK coming out on top.

I then play a £16.sng for a seat into tomorrow’s £150 f/o getting heads up but eventually coming out 2nd best with winner take all.

Getting back to the hotel for around 3am after catching up with a load of lads.

18th Jan
For some reason I’m awake at 7am so I head down for breakfast – then hit the sack for another 4 hours.

I get down to the casino for around 2.45pm, the afternoon super sat starts at 2pm and is a £30 rebuy with 1.5k starting chips and a double add on, I pay my penalty as a late entrant and within 10 minutes I’m having a rebuy

At the end of the first break and I’m chip leader with around 18k with the ave at 4.5k 28 runners creating a pot of two x £1070 seats and £410 for third place.

I am a massive chip leader with 12 runners left but lose a pot for around 45k (160k in play) when I have a busted flush draw, this puts me back to around 9k.

I make final table and struggle into the last 4, a deal is made to split the remaining £410 between 3rd and 4th place – so I start to push on from here, getting a double up early on but the blinds are causing the short stack (me) to get even more desperate but I just cant find any spots to get my bowl of rice in the middle. I crash out in 4th place at 7pm and the £205 is scant consolation although it has meant that I’ve free-rolled through the super sats.

7.30pm and the £150 side event get’s underway. I’ve just about had time to get my shit together and have something to eat in the restaurant – for some reason the music is alarmingly loud and the temperature in the casino is so fucking hot – that alone is making me feel tired and nausea.

190 runners take to the felt in this 7.5k starting stack event, my table is a bit nitty and it’s not too long before I’m making some moves. At the first break, we’ve lost around 30 odd from the starting field, I’m on 9k or so.

At the 2nd break at midnight I am sitting on around 35k with the ave at 17k whilst the field is down to 88 runners.

At 2.30am we have our last break of the night with two x 45-minute levels remaining – I am in the fortunate position of having 55k with the ave at 30k and just 48 runners left, I say fortunate because I got lucky in the sickliest of circumstances against big “Kenny” from Blackpool when I reraised his raise from early position (400/800) of 2500 to 8500 I then checked the flop of 7K7 when he shoves all in for another 11500 I’m hoping his got AT or TJ or JQ but I’m thinking my AJ is ahead – I tank for around two minutes and Kenny looks uncomfortable, I make the call and Kenny flips pocket 4s – a King on the turn and my ace is suddenly “good” . ul mate.

4.am and play is finished for the day with me bagging a respectable 49100 chips whilst the ave is 41700 and just 34 runners remaining with final 20 getting paid.

19th Jan
Didn’t really get a lot of sleep and I make the cut off for breakfast at 10am and then check out for 11am.
Looking forward to this afternoons redraw and see how far we can carry my stack. There are some good players still in the mix including Lawrence Gosney and making the money is not a foregone conclusion.

Man City take on United tonight in the cup and I’ll be routing for City in this two legged affair as the winners of this match will hopefully face the Villa in the final on 28th Feb.


OneLifeLiveIt said...

Thanks for the post update Steve - I like the term "bowl of rice" - where did it come from?