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Ricky Hatton has confirmed what many have suspected for a long while now that he will come out of retirement to box again – He will enjoy a short holiday then will return to the gym to hopefully remove a lot of the excess weight that he’s put on since hanging up his gloves.

No doubt that Amir Khan will be talked about to be one of his first opponents as money will talk and although Ricky don’t want to fight him as he classes him as a close friend – he also knows that he will have to fight him soon as it’s the fight that the paying public will want to see.

He will no doubt then be lined for a return against Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao and Ricky will claim that these will be fights to regain some lost pride….

Stay retired Ricky … that’s my advice ;-)

As much as Ricky might feel that he’s got a lot to prove to himself, he was disappointed that he’s fans saw him on his arse inside two rounds (pictured) the last time he fought - BE WARNED…
Pacquiao came down in weight and battered you, easily – Mayweather soaked up all his body blows for 8 rounds then slipped it into second gear and started to punish the hitman, His corner threw the towel in and really speaking that should have been the end of Hatton, he really should not have fought the pacman as there was only ever going to be one winner.

No one wants to see Ricky get hurt anymore, I don’t think he’ll be doing it for the cash, His speech is already becoming more slurred and NO ONE wants to see you taking another beating like the one he had off pacman.

Audley Harrison also has a European title shot on 9th April. Harrison who won the prize fighter competition back in October, even though he had been out of the ring for ten months which goes to show the inferior opponents he was whacking and picked up the first prize of £32k but more importantly a contract with Matchroom sport and Barry Hearn.

Again, just as Amir Khan had his opponents hand picked for him in the early stages of his career so that they could write the result before the fight happened I have no illusions that this will be the case again and Harrison will have a couple of stooges to fights before having an inevitable encounter with David (The giant slayer) Haye for a World Title and of course a massive payday for both fighters and promoters – but it will be a sham – Harrison is not in this class.

I bumped into Harrison two years ago when he was heads up on a final table in the Bellagio with Gene Todd, they chopped it up for $77k each leaving $10k for the winner, Audley missing out on the bracelet – stick to the poker Audley – your better at that than boxing.

Villa face West Ham at home tomorrow and should get a comfortable 3 points from this game.


Mr Origami said...

Yep, we were chatting about this the other day...no way Hatton should do this...he will be pummelled!!