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Villa fans up and down the country will be celebrating today after bagging the first “away” leg against Blackburn Rovers last night.

We captured an early lead through James Milner (pictured) although Rovers never gave up the fight and hit the woodwork on at least three occasions as they tried to pull the score’s level.

Villa in all honesty were good for the win and could have bagged another two goals had our finishing been as good as our commitment.

Chickens not being counted but Villa’s name is already on the tickets now for the 28th Feb Final, It’s like coming up the 18th hole on a final Sunday and being 6 shots clear – wtf is the engraver waiting for? – the other name on the ticket, Well I really hope that Man City can topple their neighbours but I got a sneaky suspicion that it could be a Villa – United Final.

The 2nd leg is next Wednesday at Villa park and whilst we’ve got one foot in the door to the 28th February Wembley final – Villa fans will not need reminding about the last time we were in this position 4 years ago against Bolton and blew it at the last hurdle.


RakeBack Blog said...

Milner is on fire right now. Luckily I have him in my dream team. Always rated him as a youngster at Newcastle.

good Luck to the Villa in breaking the big "top 4" seeing as though Liverpool have pretty much given up that status.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a final in that cup, but you have the Mighty Stripes in the FA, so that is well out of reach !!!