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Played the Sunday warm up on Pokerstars getting deep and crashing out 516 for $347 out of 4701 runners when my pocket tens were no match for the pocket queens of my oppo aipf.

My first hand in the Sunday Million having entered as a late entrant was on the bb with A8 spades, sb limps so I check my option, flop comes Ac8c4s, sb bet the pot, I reraised x 3 and he ships it all in for 7k, I make the call and he of course has pocket 8s. Two hands later and I run AQ into AK aipf for my last 3k.

Villa’s game with Blackburn has been rearranged for this Thursday evening – come on you lions

No further British interest in the Pokerstars Caribbean adventure final table after our hopes faded when John Duthie crashed out in 12th spot for $130k

Here is the final table
Ryan D'Angelo USA 10090000 (pictured)
Tyler Reiman USA 9350000
Barry Shulman USA 6805000
Harrison GimbelUSA 6000000
Thomas Koral USA 5370000
Benjamin Zamani USA 3700000
Zachary Goldberg USA 2340000
Aage Floenes Ravn Norway 1690000