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Marcus Bebb Jones
to learn extradition fate in new year

From, The Kidderminster Shuttle

A KIDDERMINSTER poker champion wanted in the United States for the alleged murder of his wife 12 years ago will have to wait until the new year to hear if he is to be extradited.

Marcus Bebb-Jones, 46, hid his American wife's body in a Colorado National Park in 1997 before going on a gambling spree in Las Vegas with her credit cards, it is claimed.

The former hotelier racked up thousands of pounds of debts in just a few days before shooting himself in the head, it is said.

Bebb-Jones appeared in custody at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court after a judge decided last month he might try to take his own life again if allowed bail.

He was due to hear his fate today but Judge Daphne Wickham adjourned the case for a full hearing on February 4 for legal reasons.

He will next appear by videolink from Wandsworth prison on January 6, when the issues for argument will be decided.

Ben Keith, defending, said he wanted assurance the state of Colorado would not be seeking the death penalty. Aaron Watkins, for the US Government, said: “He is sought by the Government of the United States for the most serious offence of murder. “It is right to say if convicted of this offence he is exposed to a sentence of life imprisonment in the United States. “Mr Bebb-Jones has no reason whatsoever to surrender to this court to face the rather uninvited prospect of return to the US. “In the immediate face of the upheaval following the aftermath of the murder in 1997, he reacted by attempting suicide.

“Here, again, he is faced with great upheaval in relation to the very same incident and for that reason you may have concern for the way he may respond if released.” Sabrina Bebb-Jones, 31, was reported missing in 1997 by employees of a hotel owned by the couple in the town of Grand Junction, Colorado. A few days later, her husband apparently attempted suicide by firing a gun into his open mouth but, miraculously, escaped without serious injury. When Bebb-Jones was questioned by police about his wife's disappearance, traces of her blood were found in his car, the court heard. He then fled to Britain to embark on a high-profile poker career but Mr Keith claimed he has since lost all his winnings and is living on benefits. He said: “Unfortunately, he has either spent or lost the remains of that money and was recently on benefits, both housing benefits and income support, in order to fund his lifestyle.”

Bebb-Jones was arrested after returning from a two-and-a-half-month job hunt in China. He had been due to take up a post as a financial consultant, it was said. Bebb-Jones was arrested on November 12 in his home in Kidderminster, where he lives with his 15-year-old son and his mother.


Played the £50 T/C freezeout at Walsall last night going out to a cooler hand when quite deep, AcTc on the BB with the blinds at 300/600 and I got a stack of around 28k – full table with a limp utg then a raise to 1800 from mid position, a call from the button so I call and the limper makes up, flop comes Th Qh Ts – I lead out for 2100, utg folds, o/r all in for 9300, call from the button who just has me covered, I tank and decide to push as there’s the flush and straight draws on board, I get a snap reaction and he flips over pocket ladies, all in has KQ, no miracle T on the turn or river.


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Every day is a day closer to his life sentence, thank god.

Anonymous said...

steve.looks a bit strange with all that news of murder and death sentences followed by a quick cooler para..lol. still a good blog tho and a must read every week imo.still cant work out how to log in tho hence anon. soz. alex from bristol

Steve H. said...

Hi Alex,
It's always going to be difficult to follow the first part of that post and I was just trying to bring it back round to normallity.

I've had a few issues with this as Marcus is a friend so from that point of view I hope he gets a fair trial. I also feel so much for Sabrina's family for their loss, they of course want some closure - and then there's Daniel, Marcus and Sabrina's 15 year old boy whom we cant even imagine what he's going through.

The cooler hand was a bad one but not one of my worst, I think there was once a AK v Q7 in bristol some time ago on a final table that I still beat myself up over ;-)

As for the anom, if you click on Name/URL when leaving a comment you can just put your name in there without opening an account.

Thanks for dropping by Alex and I hope you and your fmily have a good christmas mate.