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Marcus Bebb Jones is due in court in London in the morning for his extradition hearing so will try and keep you updated on the events from down there as and when I hear anything.

Played at Walsall yesterday in the £10 rebuy sat into New Years Day’s £20k Guaranteed £220 freezeout. Made 3 seats and a bit £65 each for 4th and 5th. I managed to hold in there and bag one of the seats.

I also played the 30 euro rebuy on DTD last night for a seat to their Monte Carlo event later this month, 20 seats guaranteed and I was 2/125 but hit trips v a straight and then AK v AJ busting out around 89th, still another two on line sats and three live satellites before the main event so plenty of chances still available.

On Sunday I played the three finals on Pokerstars for the PCA getting really deep in one of them but to no avail as it was only final table that got paid. I also bust out of the Sunday Million quite early when my KK was no match for the suited 7-8 hearts all in pre - level 8 both of us had over 25k!!!

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love the santa claus link