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300 runners turn up to play the DTD Monte Carlo Main Event with a £1090 buy in, given that the DTD overlay after the 6 satellites was around 35k this is a fantastic result for them given that the final overlay is closer to £9k, obviously staff wages, and buffets supplied to players aren’t included in these figures but given that the overlay at the last Grand Slam event was nearer to £89k I think that’s a fantastic result for DTD – players may like to see clubs stumping up loads of wonga in failed guarantee’s but not at the expense of the club and staff if it eventually means closure of that club – Well done to everyone at Dusk Till Dawn at least Simon can relax over Christmas now without worrying about a massive overlay.

Steve Jelinek is chip leader after day 1 and I for one hope he goes on to take it down, Steve has had loads of results and first places in Europe and America and has hit the cross bar many times in the last 3 years on these shores.

Portsmouth have just given a Christmas card to Liverpool and spanked them 2-0 so Raffa will be out looking for a new job over Christmas, perhaps he could apply for the Man City job that is also going to be available, if Burnley can beat the Wolves tomorrow then that will be another manager out looking for a new job in the new year.

Arsenal v Hull, 17:30
Aston Villa v Stoke, 15:00
Blackburn v Tottenham, 15:00
Fulham v Man Utd, 15:00
Man City v Sunderland, 15:00

Stoke City are going to be no easy push over but I don’t see that they have got enough ammunition to halt another Villa victory, Spurs to get a draw at Blackburn and Arsenal to get a home win against Hull city means that the Villa will retain 4th spot over the Christmas Holiday.

Boxing day fixtures see Villa travelling to the Arsenal on Sunday 27th for a lunch time kick off and a win down at the Emirates could lift us into 3rd spot.


Wildcat said...

I'm afraid you are in for a hammering at the Emirates ;)

Steve H. said...

Keep popping them pills wildcat ;-)