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So you'd like the chance to become a
Grading Selection Week
Mon 18th Jan – Sun 24th Jan

Grading 6-Week Period
Mon 1st Feb – Sun 14th March

2010 Irish Open
2nd – 5th April 2010 (ME)

Grading Selection
The Grading Selection takes place on the Black Belt Poker cardroom over one week at the end of January, to whittle down candidates for the full Grading period. Anyone can join at any time during the Grading Selection, but need to register by emailing grading@blackbeltpoker.com, so that they can be removed from the regular Belt Up rewards system and added to the Graders list.

Play 80 any-combination cash table-hours at any stakes from $0.25/$0.50 upwards. Suggestion: 4 days out of 7, 5 hours a day, 4 tables at a time.

Or play 120 any-combination STT table-hours, min level $20.

Suggestion: 6-tabling five hrs per day, for four days.

Submit your hand histories, plus an application email between Sun 24th Jan and Tues 26th to grading@blackbeltpoker.com.

Everyone taking part in the Grading Selection must email grading@blackbeltpoker.com to register and agrees to opt out of the Belt Up regular rewards scheme during the time they are participating.

Priority in selection is given to those who successfully complete the table-hours, with tie breakers being first profit, and second, the application email.

A maximum of 50 players will be chosen for the full Grading. If more than 50 players fulfil the playing commitments, those who are not selected will receive 5,000 Belt Points (the equivalent of the achievement of Purple Belt). On the 1st of the following month, Graders, and those who fulfilled the commitments but were not selected will rise to a minimum of Purple Belt.

The Grading will take place between the 1st of Feb and 14th March 2010.

Playing Poker:
Suggested table-hours: 20 hours/week, 4-tabling, for 6 weeks.

This Grading we’ve added increased flexibility with regard to when and how you play. It really comes down to 480 table-hours over the 6-week Grading period, which, if you regularly multi-table online, will probably require little change from your normal playing habits. However we’re aware that not everyone plays daily or four tables at a time, so as long as the overall requirement is fulfilled, you can choose when, how, and what you play.

N.B. Sit and Go players will be required to play six tables over the 20 hours/week rather than four – effectively upping their total table hours requirement to 720.

Players may alternate playing cash and SNGs on a week-by-week basis.

Stakes, weeks 1-2:
Any cash games from $0.25/$0.50 upwards,
or SNGs from the $10 level; suggested level: $20.

Stakes, weeks 3-4:
Any cash games from $0.25/$0.50 upwards; suggested level: $0.50/$1.
SNGs from the $20 level; suggested level $30.

Stakes, weeks 5-6:
Any cash games from $0.50/$1 upwards; suggested level: $1/$2.
SNGs at the min $30 level; suggested level $50.

(N.B. If liquidity at the higher SNG levels is low, it is acceptable to drop to the level below in order to find the required number of games.)

Attending Workshops:
Of the three Workshops (dates and venue TBC) to be held in London, attendance at two is compulsory for successful completion of the Grading.

N.B. Sit and Go players will be required to play six tables over the 20 hours/week rather than four – effectively upping their total table hours requirement to 720.

Players may alternate playing cash and SNGs on a week-by-week basis.
Contribution to the Community:
Graders will be expected to keep a high profile on the Black Belt Poker Community site, posting on the boards (especially the Grading board) and generally showing willingness to interact regularly. Graders will also be asked to create content in the form of blogs, articles, strategy pieces or videos (recommended: three pieces over the six-week period). If you have an idea for a piece, or would like suggestions for content, email snoopy@blackbeltpoker.com. Also in this category: presenting a Specialist Subject talk at a Workshop, or leading a group discussion.

The Grading will be judged on three equally important categories.

Commitment: Fulfilling the playing time commitments (i.e. the required total table hours) is important for successfully completing any week of the Grading, even though there is flexibility day to day and week to week regarding the hours played. Also in this category is attending at least two Workshops and showing willingness to take part in discussion on the boards regularly.

Contribution: Suggested content contribution: three pieces of written/video/strategy work over the six week period, with all suggestions from Graders or requests for topics going to and from Snoopy, the editor (snoopy@blackbeltpoker.com). Also in this category: presenting a Specialist Subject talk at a Workshop, or leading a group discussion. All talks/group leading is optional, but those who volunteer to do either will be graded higher than those who do not.

Poker: Graders will be asked to submit their hand histories for the Grading period at its end. They will be judged equally on profit and consistency of result. This means that one losing week at higher stakes won’t penalise you if you’ve previously shown a smooth profit curve.

8 Blue Belt Packages, including an all-expenses paid trip to the Irish Open, are guaranteed for the top Graders. You will receive 21,000 Belt Points as well as the Irish Open Package which includes flights, hotel, entry to €3,500 M.E. plus the €300 Charity Event. Blue Belts will become backed players, entering events on a 50/50 plus make-up deal with Black Belt Poker.

Green Belts will be awarded to anyone who successfully completes the Grading but misses out on Blue (i.e. fulfils all playing, contribution and commitment criteria). You will also receive 25,500 Belt Points which is over 4 months’ worth of Green Belt Maintenance, and puts you close to attaining Blue.

Don’t finish the Grading? Don’t worry, you will still be rewarded for your time and effort up to the week you finish participating – for each week you complete (fulfilling all playing, contribution and commitment criteria), you’ll receive the Belt Points equivalent to sustain one month at Purple Belt level. This amounts to 2,500 Belt Points per week of Grading completed.

Most of you that read my blog will know the amount of time, effort, money and energy that I put into the first Black Belt Poker Grading – If you’re a new reader to this blog then you can read my previous exploits by typing Black Belt Poker house into my search engine at the top of the page or go through the older stuff entry’s starting from around 04/26 – 05/03 (7) till 06/14 – 06/21 (6)

This was my very honest opinions at the time of how I felt each day of the grading and the pressure that you put yourself under – If your serious about taking part in this grading then give these previous posts a read so you know first hand what your letting yourself in for.

If you are going to take part or at least apply for selection – then good luck to you.