on 11:33

The Weston Club in Acton, West London is the Venue for today’s heat of the Betfred Women Tour so will be making the journey down there to rail Andrea.

The Broadway had their main event this week and captured 33 runners for day 1A and with another 43 players at the tables for day 1B so another disappointing turnout and a massive overlay of nearly £26k, ul broadway!!!

There was also a massive commotion going on when day 1B was delayed for over an hour to allow for more numbers to enter with the management then putting faces in on a freeroll basis with the players getting 10% but having to withdraw these players when the “paying” players found out and threatened to withdraw from the comp. It’s been rumoured that a respected circuit player spoke to the management about them putting freerollers in and said that it could have an effect on their casino licence – all of a sudden the freerollers were withdrawn.

Think they should have had more super satellites on the Friday evenings running up to this, 4pm sat’s on a Sunday afternoon with NO seats guaranteed doesn’t get you rushing out to take part in it. There is so much competition now and so much choice for the punter to choose from that you really have to give value for money with XX guaranteed packages in super sat’s esp if your going to have a massive guarantee.

DTD have a Monte Carlo live event with a £250k guarantee coming up very soon and checking their website out they are guaranteeing at least 120 seats in satellites between now and the live event offering us players fantastic value for money if we can get in on the cheap, and also showing that they have learnt something from their last grandslam event when they had to stump up over £75k overlay, hats off to dtd.

Villa home to Bolton today so I’m hoping for a home victory here.

David Haye also takes on goliath tonight but I don’t see any surprises happening here.