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Having chilled out for most of the day yesterday, just played a couple of the $1 tourneys on stars for the PCA (Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure) but didn’t do any good finishing 12th and 18th so gets me my money back but you really need to finish in the top 9 to bag a seat at on of the three final tables later in the year.

I feel so much better myself for not firing up the lappie and grinding away – I know I’ll probably go back to the on-line games one day but for the time being I’m glad to give them a miss and play as much live as I can.

Not having the bankroll to play the main event at Broadway £1060 and I really wish I did as I think that they will be really short on their numbers and there will be at least a £25k overlay (only 33 runners on day 1A) - I travelled the 10 minutes down to J10 last night to play their NEW £10 rebuy with £1500 guaranteed on 45 players with a “Free American Buffet” I get there for 8.50pm, 40 minutes before the off and there’s just 6 runners, by the official 9.30pm starting time they’ve got 18 runners so we are able to start with 3 tables so no guarantee, however the game eventually gets 28 runners with the alternates and a pot of £1220 is generated. The American Buffet ended up being “Burger and chips” or “Hotdog and chips” perhaps if they get more runners in future games then they’ll put a proper buffet on?

Pays down to 3 spots and I knock back the suggestion of savers when we are 8, 6, and 4 handed, we get to three handed and I call a shove from the sb on my bb for around 1 third of my stack A6 v K7 and my ace holds up I then chop the money up £550 v £450 and £30 to the staff giving myself the lions share and Pete Sharples bagging 2nd spot and giving myself a good return for the £40 invested.

Going to Walsall this afternoon for the £10 rebuy and chilling out tonight before travelling down to London tomorrow so Andrea can play the Betfred Ladies poker Tour.


mully_85 said...

been followin ur blog for a wile mate, just added urs to my list, was wonderin if u could add mine