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5th November (Thursday)
I will not be playing the Broadway main event so will be chilling out for a couple of days possibly going with Andrea to the Weston Club in London on Saturday as this will be the last heat of the (BFLPT) Bet Fred Ladies poker Tour, although Andrea’s mom who has been ill for some time now has been rushed back into hospital, so fingers crossed for a speed recovery.

4th November (Wednesday)
Made the trip down to The Broadway Casino for the £330 side event.
74 runners (£22.200) with 61 remaining at the first break, 9700 ave and I got 14400.
I then lose half my stack with 6 4 clubs on a board of 3544 v 62 and I missed my outs on the river.
Down to 7k halfway through level 3 :-(
up to 9k at the start of level 4 and 55 runners left.
Start of level 5 with 9k with the ave at 13200 with 45 runners left.
12.275 end level 5 ave at 16k with 39 runners left.
I then limp into a pot for 1100 (200/400/50) with TT and another 3 limpers behind me, flop comes 952 (2 hearts) checks to me so I lead out for 3200 I get reraised by the same lad who had 62 earlier, hating the call as it’s effectively for my tournament but I eventually make the call hoping that he’s on the flush draw – he flips over pocket 5’s for the set and I have only 2 outs if that ;-( no help and I bust out in 30th position.

3rd November (Tuesday)
Decided not to play the side event at Broadway as it’s a £100 rebuy and I’d rather save my money for the £300 tomorrow so instead I make the 10 minutes journey down to J10 for the £50 T/C deepstack 3 x 5k freezeout having cashed (3 way chop) the last time I played this I always look forward to this game as it offers load of play in the very early stages but can get a bit crappy towards final table. 40 runners paying 4 spots and they agree savers when we are down to 8 runners. Down to the final three and we chop it up taking a monkey (£500) each and giving the chip leader an extra £190

2nd November (Monday)
Broadway’s £100 freezeout and well over 100 runners make the trip, I however am out very early when I lose 3k of my 5k starting stack when I flop 2 pair to get beat by a turned 2 pair ;-( I then go over to Walsall and play in the £4k guaranteed £15 rebuy chucking £75 into the pot with the casino having to put around £500 into the pot. I am out shortly after the break after going over the top on a diamond flushing board but missing my outs.

Be careful with them fireworks later.


Anonymous said...

Why would you limp TT?

Steve H. said...

why wouldnt I , I had the raise infront of me and I was happy to see the flop had I have known I was going to pick up further limpers behind me then obv I would have re raised. Hind sight is a marvelous thing.