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2nd November (Monday)

Tonight is the £110 freezeout at Broadway and I reckon that they will get over 100 runners so will treat this as a sat into the main event after failing to qualify to bag a seat in last nights super sat

1st November (Sunday)

Played the £50 rebuy sup sat at Broadway, which managed to make 17 seats into the main event later in the week. I was shortstacked for around a two-hour session but then got up to just over the ave with around 30 runners left. Blinds at 1k/2k/200 there’s a limp utg and a raise to 4800 from the lad on my right, I look down and find pocket aces and count my stack, (perhaps I should have just pushed in hindsight cause some people just cant work out when they are being trapped) anyway- I’ve got 22k with the ave at 20500 so I reraised to 11,500 the raiser has around the same chips as me, folds round to him, he counts his stack, recounts and counts again and then decides to flat call, flop comes QQJ and he decides to shove, hoping that he’s got KK I insta call and flip my aces over, he then takes his time sticking his chips in, (he’s gone all in and my chips are in before him with my cards face up) and then slow rolls me with KQ, no ace on the turn and river to save me and I head out in 30th spot with this geezer offering his hand and saying hard luck? As I’ve said before I really am a shit loser to bad play.


Dom said...

Dunno how this guy can be rse folding for like 11bbs with kq tbh mate.

But of crse the rse/call/stop n go/huge slow roll is not exactly standard. Hope u didn't shake his hand!

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Good luck Steve, I'm off to Manchester for the GUKPT super sat tonight. Have you got a seat for Blackpool yet or not? What are your plans next week?

Steve H. said...

Hi Martin, As yet I'm just planning on a couple of the side events poss mon, and Tues and Weds at Blackpool - Hope to see you there mate and hope we can both make final table.

Hi Dom, Sorry to read on your blog that your going through a bit of a shit run at the mo, stick in there mate, things will turn in your favour evenutually.

I can understand the raise to the limp from this geezer in the first instance, why not but when he's rr by someone with the same stack as him for 60% of his tournament life what on earth does he think he's beating or what sort of a flop is he hoping to hit?

I want these fucking muppets in there with KQ everyday of the week I was just unlucky that he hit a 170/1 flop, you just know that if he wins one of these seats it will be a seat wasted and easy chips for someone else, rant over.