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Extract taken from The Kidderminster Shuttle:

Kidderminster gambler refused bail in extradition hearing

A KIDDERMINSTER poker champion wanted in the US for the alleged murder of his wife 12 years ago was refused bail today amid fears he might take his own life.

Marcus Bebb-Jones, 46, hid his American wife's body in a Colorado National Park in 1997 before going on a gambling spree in Las Vegas with her credit cards, it is claimed.

The former hotelier racked up thousands of pounds of debts in just a few days before shooting himself in the head, it is said.
Aron Watkins, an attorney for the US Government, said Bebb-Jones might take his life if released from custody.

Addressing District Judge Jeremy Coleman, he said: “He is sought by the Government of the United States for the most serious offence of murder. “It is right to say if convicted of this offence he is exposed to a sentence of life imprisonment in the United States.
“Mr Bebb-Jones has no reason whatsoever to surrender to this court to face the rather uninvited prospect of return to the US.
“In the immediate face of the upheaval following the aftermath of the murder in 1997, he reacted by attempting suicide.
“Here again, he is faced with great upheaval in relation to the very same incident and for that reason you may have concern for the way he may respond if released.”

Sabrina Bebb-Jones, 31, was reported missing in 1997 by employees of a hotel owned by the couple in the town of Grand Junction, Colorado.
A few days later, her husband apparently attempted suicide by firing a gun into his open mouth but miraculously escaped without serious injury.
When Bebb-Jones was questioned by police about his wife's disappearance, traces of her blood were found in his car, City of Westminster Magistrates' Court was told.
He then fled to Britain to embark on a high-profile poker career.

But Ben Keith, defending Bebb-Jones, claimed he has since lost all his winnings and is living on benefits.
He told the court: “Unfortunately, he has either spent or lost the remains of that money as he was recently on benefits, both housing benefits and income support, in order to fund his lifestyle.”
Bebb-Jones was arrested after returning from a two-and-a-half-month job hunt in China. He had been due to take up a post as a financial consultant, it was said.

Bebb-Jones was arrested on November 12 in his home in Kidderminster, where he lives with his 15-year-old son and his mother.

Judge Coleman remanded Bebb-Jones in custody to face a full extradition hearing on December 9.
He said: “I am not prepared to grant you bail because of the nature and gravity of the allegation you face and the possible consequences for you.
“I remand you in custody to be back here on the morning of December 9th.”


Newy said...

Wow! Heavy shit. I wud not wanna be in his shoes. If he is guilty obviously needs punishin but I cant help feelin sorry for him.

mick c said...

i think there is enough evidence to have him sent back i agree with steve he seems a nice fella to talk to but if found guilty then he would deserve wot he would get

Rachel said...

I met Marcus Bebb-Jones many times and probably sat next to him on his poker table on at least two occasions.

I always found Marcus to be a pure gentleman, pleasant and a gentle giant and would never imagine him to be capable of this hanus crime.

I too have read most of the news articles that are available on-line purely out of interest and to form an impartial opinion and I must say that I agree with you Steve and that on the face of all the evidence and a lot of it is circumstantial – then you don’t hold out that Marcus is innocent.

I am a firm believer in what goes round - comes round and I also believe that justice will prevail one day soon and Sabrina’s family will have some closure at long last.

To cut someone’s head off shows even more inhumanity than just “snuffing” your victim and demonstrates levels of detest and hating for the victim – The perpetrator should be shown no mercy.