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I have been receiving a lot of messages and comments / insults from someone that insists on remaining anonymous. These messages and comments refer to Marcus and Sabrina Bebb Jones.

Marcus is a friend and has been for about 4 years now.

These messages, comments and press articles relating to Marcus and Sabrina and what he “supposed to have” carried out many years ago – it could be the same person that has constantly sent the same information to several other players in the uk, as well as AWOP and other forum’s.

It could also be the same person that hacked into Marcus’s account on Blonde – I would have thought that if you had so much information then your time and efforts could have been spent better in helping the American authorities getting their extradition order sooner – perhaps you’re a relative of Sabrina or a friend of the family? In which case I feel for your loss.

Let me say this to you:  Most of us (poker players in the UK) only know Marcus from the last 5 years or so since he first started playing poker in uk casino’s and are not / were not privy to his existence in the USA and therefore we are not guilty by association simply because we sat at the same table as him or because we wouldn’t publish your allegations for fear of libel.

Looking at everything that’s been published on the internet and in the papers (and what I have read on the surface is that the evidence that the US authorities have is very overwhelming, even if it is circumstantial) then you would expect Marcus to be extradited on Thursday 26th at his hearing in London and brought to trial in the US.

I imagine that a lot of married men some time in their life think to themselves “I could kill her” but very few men carry it out and even fewer go on to sever the head from the body.

If Marcus is guilty of the alleged crimes as detailed in the American news articles then he deserves to be locked up for the rest of his natural life and Sabrina’s family deserve some closure, as does Daniel (Marcus and Sabrina’s lad).

I’m sure that justice will be done one day soon.

You’ve now got my thoughts on the situation so you don’t have to leave anymore anom or sarcastic/personal comments.


Russ said...

Hi Steve,

I too have received many unsolicited anonymous comments and press publications from America and for the same reason as you I would not publish them.

I did not know Marcus as you do but I was aware of the allegations for some time, I also know at least three people who knew Marcus far better than me and they had met Marcus on many occasions and all of my friends said that he was a well mannered gentleman at the table and a pleasure to play with – it just goes to show (presuming that he is guilty of the murder) that you just don’t know who your sat with at the poker table.

I agree 100% with everything that you’ve said in your post and I hope to for the sake of Sabrina’s family that it is dealt with quickly and doesn’t drag on – so as you say they can have some closure.

Like you, I too feel for their son, Daniel.


Newy said...

Well said steve, u aint as daft as u look

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I have also been receiving anonymous emails and have been getting them for the last 18 months or so. The sender called me on the phone a few times and wouldn't reveal his identity, but did say that he was a former business associate of Marcus. I eventually told him to stop calling me unless he was prepared to reveal who he was. He stopped calling but carried on sending me emails.

Jonathan Raab

Steve H. said...

Hopefully they will stop now - now that who-ever it is can see some movement on the justice front they will be able to move on.