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23rd November (Monday)
Giving London (GUKPT Grand Final) a miss with money being tight so it looks like the £25 deepstack down at the Broadway tonight with 8k in starting chips and a 30 minute clock reducing to a 20 minute clock after the break, normally makes around £4k - I'll be following theVik updates and results coming through on AWOP

22nd November (Sunday)
Sundays 20/20 has 271 runners and at the first break there's 216 remaining with the ave at 12.5k I've got 8k At the start of level 6 200/400/25 I'm sat with 3k with the ave at 14k and 197 runners left. I make a push in the blinds with A6o walking straight into pocket queens, exiting around 5.30pm I have enough time to get home and play the Sunday Million on Stars although I don’t fare any better on there.

21st November (Saturday)
Saturday's 20/20 at dtd and there's 270 runners £27k in the pot with a first prize of £8336
I'm sat on table 15 with Andy Booth in seat 1 and zippy in seat 6. End of level 2 and I've got 16.5k with just 7 runners eliminated at this point.
End of level 4 at the first break and I've got 20k after getting tangled up with zippy a couple of times. 234 runners left with the ave at 11.5k and the new blinds are 150/300

I lost a flip with 99 v AK half way through level 6 for 9k putting me down to 15k and just below ave. End level 7 at the 2nd break I've got 16.5 with the ave at 18.5k and 146 runners left.

Half way through level 8 I raise utg with A Q suited to get re shoved by the bb. I make the call for 12k total and he flips A 9 with a 9 on the flop, I say nice hand and he gives me the rub down by saying 'that was the third time you had raised my bb, I thought you were stealing'.

Down to 4k with the blinds at 400/800 I then get a double up with 69o v J 8 from the same lad. I get my stack up to 12k when our table gets bust and I find myself utg on my new table with A Q spades and the blinds at 600/1200 so I ship it all in, folds round to the bb who calls the extra with 8T clubs and catch's a T on the river. Exited in 89th spot.

Brought into the £50+£6 freeze out that starts at 8pm. Ave chips at the end of level three and I get moved onto my new table, straight into the bb and folds round to the button who makes it 1100 with the blinds at 100/200, I look down and find AK suited so push my stack of 6600 over the line and the button eventually calls with A3o, obviously the 3 comes and I make my way home licking my wounds


Fenix35 said...

I know how you feel in those tournies especially the DTD ones you posted. Keep at it though!