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Coral British Masters Poker

Tour Play-Off Final for £10k

Sponsorship Package

On Thursday 19th November live from AWOP headquarters and can be seen live on “The Nutz TV” from 5pm onwards:

Today is the day and I just hope that lady luck is with me today.


A lot of you will know that I am friendly with Marcus Bebb Jones.

I was shocked to hear that he was arrested recently and is awaiting an extradition or back to the US to stand trial for the murder of his wife some years back.

If these allegations are true and he is found guilty then it’s unlikely that he will see the inside of a British poker room again – but until the outcome of his trial I’m not going to say anything as I’m a firm believer in innocent till proven guilty.

I do feel immensely sad for his young son Daniel whom we can’t even imagine what that lads going through right now.


Michael said...

Good luck tonight Steve.

TEAMDOBB said...

shit news about ya mate but 10/1 was bit better on the Trett

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

VUL in the playoff Steve, is it alright if you pay me back my $30?*joke, Inbox me your email address through awop, I have something that might interest ya.

Anonymous said...

thanxs for being a mate 2 marcus he wont be found guilty

Anonymous said...

I have known marcus for many years would never put him down as a killer.its good to know that you steve have some faith too. so very sorry for mom Pam and son Dan. fingers crossed not guilty.