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On Thursday 19th November live from AWOP headquarters and can be seen live on “The Nutz TV” from 5pm onwards:


John Gardner won Leg 6 of the British Masters Poker Tour

Never has a headline had more meaning. John Gardner was down to the felt when the Main Event of the final leg of The British Masters Poker Tour from the Gala Harbourside Casino in Bristol came down to the final three.

Having been reduced to less than a big Blind with three players left, John had the foresight to pass on the Small Blind although he had less than the Big Blind left in chips. Richard “Ripper” Lewis, sounds like a heavyweight boxer, had a commanding chip lead followed by Chris Brice second in chips and John was down but not out, to coin a boxing term. Within 50 minutes it was all over when John had achieved the unthinkable and after taking out Chris and having an equal chip stack to Richard, within 4 hands it was all over.

The Heads Up key hand happened when the chips flew into the middle of the table with Richard on a flush and straight draw and John with top pair. Richard missed everything and John took down a monster pot leaving Richard with less than a big blind this time round. He managed to survive only 2 hands before John took down the Title, the Trophy and the final seat into the Sponsorship Play-off for the £10,000 package put up by Tour Sponsors, Coral.co.uk.

With 150 runners in the main Event producing a prize pool of £76,000 the final three had agreed a deal for the money but played on for the glory, the seat and the trophy. Richard took the sharp end and £20,000, Chris took £16,500 and the eventual bragging rights and £13,500 went to the winner John Gardner

Steve Holden won Leg 5 of the British Masters Poker Tour

Online qualifier Steve Holden is the latest champion of the 2009 Coral.co.uk British Masters Poker Tour, after winning the £500 NLHE Main Event in Liverpool.

The professional player from Erdington in Birmingham won a package to the event in a $10 satellite on Coral.co.uk and went on to beat a field of 73 that included previous event winners and some well known tour regulars, over two days at the Gala Leo Casino in Albert Dock.

Steve took a chip lead into the final table and never gave it up. He had over half the chips in play when the final three, which also included Mark James and Frank Kenny, did a deal. Steve took the title, £9,350 and the fifth seat in the season end play-off for the coveted £10,000 Coral.co.uk sponsorship in 2010 while Mark and Frank each won £8,000.

After his win Steve, who is a familiar face on the UK poker scene and a regular player in the online satellites, said he was “absolutely ecstatic”. He added: “I always try to satellite into events that I intend to play because with the credit crunch as it is, you have to look for value. I qualified for $10 into the $75 and managed to take home over £9k and more importantly a seat at the Champions’ final table where there is a £10,000 sponsorship package up for grabs.”

Turning pro in 2007, Steve first came to prominence by winning the Main Event of the Great British Poker Tour in Nottingham in May 2007. He won his seat after taking first place in the £200 side event the day before.

Coral.co.uk’s head of poker, Mark O’Donnell, said: “We’re delighted that Steve’s through to the Champions’ final table as he plays all of our events and is really well known on the tour. There was a good turnout and Gala Casino Liverpool put on a fantastic event. It’s a great venue and always proves popular with our players with its views overlooking the Albert Dock.”

Steve is full of confidence going into the final. He said: “I’d like to do a British grand slam and be the first player to take down events on Great British Poker Tour, the Coral British Masters Poker Tour, the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour and the Dusk Till Dawn Deepstack. With two already under my belt I’m halfway there!”
Chris Brammer Won Leg 4 of The British Masters Tour.

Leg 4 of the British Masters Poker Tour will be remembered for a long time after as one of the best final tables seen this year! It came down to three players, Matt Perrins, Jonathon Butters and Chris Brammer. They had to use all of their individual poker skills for over two hours as the chip lead changed on numerous occasions. Eventually Matt got it all-in against Chris with his 10 10 against K J off held by Chris. The river sealed the deal when the jack hit the board to eliminate Matt in third spot for £5950.

This left Chris and Jonathan heads up and that lasted all of 10 minutes when all the chips went in the middle with Jonathan holding Queen ten of diamonds against the dominant hand of Chris holding Ace Queen of spades. The board came down K 2 K with two spades and when the four of spades popped up on the turn it was all over and Chris Brammer was crowned British Masters Poker Champion, Nottingham 2009. Along with £14,000, Chris secured his place in the play-off for the £10,000 sponsorship package put up by Tour Sponsors Coral.co.uk and the coveted winner’s Trophy. Jonathan had his disappointment softened by second prize of £9,000. All credit must go to all three players who provided an enthralling instalment of top class poker.


Mark Trett won Leg 3 of The British Masters Tour.

Mark Trett has been crowned Teesside champion in the third event of the 2009 British Masters Poker Tour, after winning the £500 NLHE Main Event.

Mark, a 30-year-old recruitment consultant from Newcastle, beat 107 rivals to take the title, the first prize of £12,650 and a seat at the season final play-off for the coveted Coral.co.uk sponsorship deal in 2010.

Mark and local player Dom Mahoney dominated a final table that included tour regular Dave Maudlin and former European player of the year Ash Hussain. And, it was Mark and Dom that faced each other heads up in the early hours of Monday, July 27 when Dom’s flush draw didn’t hit and Mark’s paired jack was enough to take first place.

Playing for just 18 months, like Tom MacDonald (winner of the Leeds CBMPT), this was Mark’s biggest result to date. “It feels truly surreal”, said Mark immediately after the final hand.

“I remember asking the dealer (and praying) to put a brick on the river when Dom called my check raise all in, with his huge draw. The big cash is fantastic but I can’t explain what it means to me to actually have the trophy, and most of all the title. This achievement is immense and not lost on me. As I said, I’m truly honoured and humbled to be in this position.”

Mark added: “I thought the event was superb, honestly, fantastic. I love the fact you can pay a £500 entry fee and play for potentially a five-figure sum. On top of this you’re 10k deep with a one hour clock and superb blind structure. Usually you have to pay more (£1,000 +) for this type of structure. The dealers and staff were first class.”

It was Mark’s brother Craig that got him into poker in the first place and encouraged him to play, and now that support is being repaid. He said: “50% of my winnings go to my brother Craig. We’ve always done that. He’s kind of carried me a little during my first year in the game so I’m delighted to pay a little bit back. I’m also going to pay the wife off a little to help to stop her complaining about all the time and money I spend playing poker. I’m hoping to play the rest of the tour, and with the rest, I’m 100% going to Vegas next year.”

Coral.co.uk’s head of poker, Mark O’Donnell, said: “Mark took a big chip lead to the final table and never let it go. It was a great performance and in only his second live event, it’s a massive achievement. He’s a really nice guy and definitely another name to watch in the future.”

Mark O’Donnell added: “Once again, Gala Teesside has put on a top-drawer sell-out event. You can bank on the local’s putting up a good show and they didn’t disappoint, with over half the final table seats.


Tom MacDonald Won Leg 2 of The British Masters Tour.

After a short Heads up dual with Jamie Sykes, Tom MacDonald came out on top to secure the trophy, £14.000 first prize and his seat in The Masters play-off for a £10,000 sponsorship package from the Tour sponsors Coral.co.uk. Jamie can be well satisfied with his runner up cheque for £10,000 after a great performance throughout the tournament and just being piped at the post by Tom. Jamie Coonan secured 3rd place and £7,000 for his efforts.
With a starting field of 94 runners generating a prize pool of £48,000 Tom battled his way through some big names at the Gala Casino, Westgate in Leeds.


Jim O’Connell Won Leg 1 of The British Masters Tour.

Jim defeated a field of 105 runners to take down the first event in Edinburgh back on May 17th.
Having done a deal 5 handed and at that point he was 3rd in chips Jim went on to take the Title and also a seat in the sponsored table final.


Richard Lewis won “Highest Money Winner” of the British Masters Tour

After doing a deal when three handed at the last event in Bristol, Richard who took £20k due to his chip dominance on final table and in so doing bagged a seat to the live sponsorship final table and taking away long time favourite Eddie Lundon's hope of yet another final table.


Loopy AWOP won “On-Line League Winner” of the British Masters Tour

John Littler has secured his seat in the 8 handed Grand Final for a £10,000 Sponsorship package for the 2010 Poker season.

Loopy had some stiff competition from wilfuljokerX and nijinsky 68


James Keys "Skolsuper" has also opened a book on the final and priced all the runners accordingly:

Jim O’Connell 8/1
Tom McDonald 7/2
Mark Trett 10/1
Chris Brammer 11/4F
Steve Holden 6/1
John Gardner 12/1
John Littler 14/1
Richard Lewis 8/1

James is obviously blinkered and has pumped for the young horse's and ignoring age, beauty and experience.

You need to follow this link to place your bet on stars and then have it confirmed - get your money on your horse.


This final will be broadcast live on "The Nutz Tv" so get logged on for 5pm on Thursday 19th and get railing.... click this link and if you'd like to use the chat facility then you'll have to register first, it's free to register - so get on-line and abuse that chat box!!! No doubt there will be tons of support for Mark Trett from from the Tee Side Newcastle Poker Forum posse - so get online and get behind me - Thanks


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