on 11:48

Well I’m well and truly knackered today.

I crashed out of the £250 side event just before the end of the third level last night getting rivered on all three occasions that I was involved in any big pot

I hung around to try and scoop some of my losses back on the cash table but that was a fiasco as the card room and the pit couldn’t get their act together I waited 45 minutes to get a seat on the 50/£1 table having to leave the table when someone said that they were on the list before me – they then took my name off the list and put me back at the bottom of a 14 mane list ;-(

Pissed off I make my way back to my room and log onto stars and register for the $30+$3 with 2 rebuy’s and 1 add on allowed, the game started at 10.35pm and was 45 minutes into it with 15 minutes left to late reg, 2500 starting chips I restrict myself to 1 rebuy or add on although I don’t need either as I get a double up to 5k before the add on kicks in.

Mr kryptonite takes over playing proper poker playing some steps and PCA qualifiers along side the game and I got heads up at 4am with a 8/1 chip advantage, playing small pots I am determined to take this down – but Pokerstars being jokerstars eventually taking my edge away and I’m shafted with outdraw after outdraw, 5.10am and I have to settle for 2nd for just over $2,500 still – not a bad return for $30

I’ve also bagged three final seats into the PCA finals now on 6th December so will start trying to win Andrea some final seats as well.

It’s the £100 bounty event at Blackpool tonight but I have decided that after breakfast I’m going to make the journey home and play the Sunday Millions with the $2.5 million pot guaranteed this week having already secured a $215 ticket in the steps system for $7.50

A dozen players return for the final day of the main event and there’s some great names and lads in there and first prize would be a well deserved boost to anyones bankroll.

Mick Fletcher – mr grinder is the short stack with just 10xbb but I doubt that will phase Mick and I expect to see him ladder the money now with his experience and being from Blackpool has to be the crowd favourite.

Mark James is also a solid play as I’m sure that anyone left at this stage has to be, I trust that Mark will be patient and will make the final three.

Jeff Hammerman who at least three people have said looks like my twin although I don’t see any resemblance and I “know nothing” about this feller but good luck to him.

Ben Vinson got third here 2 years ago and has the gears and the chips to go deeper this year

Priyan Demel is long overdue a big score and could feature

Rick Trigg starts today in the middle of the pack, and will be looking to improve on his best ever 3rd place finish at Newcastle 2 years ago.

Kyriacos Dionysiou (or Greek Jack) as we all know him by is the chip daddy and deservedly so, Jack is so overdue a big score and deffo has the gears to take this down, he also has the determination and like myself will not be thinking about laddering the money but will go all out in order to win it – and by this I mean he will make the marginal calls that you sometimes have to make to win a comp

Mark Taylor, James Williams, Gemal Husnu, Steve Talbot & Wasim Akhtar are the other names in the mix and although I know very little about them, they obviously all deserve their place on a final table having got this far.

If I was a betting man (which I aint) then I would have to go for Greek Jack given the fact that he is chip daddy, his age and experience and of course his good looks

Good luck to all the remaining twelve players.

Kyriacos Dionysiou - 412,500
Priyan Demel - 383,500
Benjamin Vinson - 376,500
Mark Taylor - 339,500
James Williams - 260,500
Richard Trigg - 200,500
Jeff Hemmerman - 194,500
Mark James - 189,000
Gemal Husnu - 175,500
Steve Talbot - 120,000
Wasim Akhtar - 119,000
Michael Fletcher - 114,500


Newy said...

Nice 1 m8. Not a bad evenings work after all. GL in the millions and the others u qualified for and once again thanks for sortin me out @ blackpool I apppreciate it.

ROSSI said...

nice result on stars m8

Amatay said...

ul HU but still a nice online score, wp

TEAMDOBB said...

Jeff Hemmerman was a great bloke mate ( was on my rt ) and deffo looked like ya OLDER! brother imo