on 18:20

13th November (6pm)
I'm in my room watching awop and see the field is massive for the main event with over £85k going to the winner alone.

I decide to buy in with half hour left of the 2nd level left to play.

I'm seated at table 13 (how unlucky is that) seat 10.

At the first break I’ve got my starting stack but lose half my stack shortly after the break with A 7 clubs when I limp in utg for 150 and hit a flop with 2 clubs on, it costs me 4k and I don’t improve any further.

I then raise it to 525 utg with AcJs two callers and catch a flop of Jc 7c Kd. I check and then call a 1200 bet. Qc on the turn and again I check then my oppo goes all in and he has my remaining 3.5k covered. I think I have so many outs that I have to call and he flips K Q giving me even more outs than I thought I had but my miracle card doesn’t arrive and I’m off to the rails half way through level 3 :-( Back to the hotel to get a couple of hours sleep ready for tonight.