on 11:13

12th November (Thursday)
Having already paid in for tonight and tomorrow’s £100 + £10 freezeouts just in case they sell out I will be making my way up to Blackpool, There is also a £250 freezeout which is a two day comp starting on Saturday so may hang around for that event as well

11th November (Wednesday)
Played a few steps on stars and a few of the qualifiers for the pca but didn’t do any good. Went down to Walsall to play the £30 T/C freezeout, having got chipped up after an early set back I then take the rest of my other chips but then run two hands where I just didn’t believe that he had the goods simply because of the way the hands played out, anyway….I brought into the £100 freezeouts on Thursday and Friday at Blackpool’s GUKPT as I expect both of these side events to sell out, I also think that the £250 freezeout out which is a two-dayer on Saturday will also sell out

10th November (Tuesday)
Went to Walsall and played the £50 T/C freezeout having cashed the last two times that I played this event I go into it full of optimism although it’s short lived when I do most of my stack holding top pair and a nut flush draw on a flop of Q 7 3 only to run into an overpair.

9th November (Monday)
Made the 10 minute journey down to J10 for the £15 rebuy £4k guaranteed, I make the break with 3k having donated £75 to the fund, just after the break I get up to 8k but then get crippled not long after the break. I checked my lottery tickets, chucking them away one by one, oh well there’s always next week