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8th October (Thursday)
Heading over to Estapona Golf course today having agreed e69 for green fee, buggy and clubs. Tonight is the e20 freezeout over at Calahonda with a cash game going on afterwards

7th October (Wednesday)
We got up quite late after getting back from Calahonda around 2am, we went into Puerto Banus on the way home thinking it would be lively around 1am but we were shocked when it was 90% closed with the occasional hooker hanging around.

We set off for Gibraltar along the coast road arriving there some 90 minutes later this was after around a half hour queue to get through customs.

e20 to take the car and two adult passengers onto the rock although if we’d have paid in sterling it would have only cost £17.50 anyways the cost was insignificant as the views and the walks that you get once on the rock are just out of this world, St Michaels cave with the 180 seat concert room underground is just fantastic and cool.

The apes dont bother you unless you bother them and at one point I almost had a go on a local taxi driver who was beating this one ape repeatedly over the head with a newspaper to get him to climb on top of his cab to impress his occupants, Tosser!!!

Fish and chip supper at the Lord Nelson was worth the 50 minute wait that we endured for the food, preferring to sit inside to avoid all the flies outside.

Gibraltar reminded me of a larger Jersey and to be honest apart from the views and the walks I don’t think I would be in much of a hurry to get back there, If anything I remember a few years back when Gibraltar and Spain were agreeing over who should run the country, I think the Spanish should run the place cause then it would be cleaner than it is now.

6th October (Tuesday)
Went into Puerto Banus for the day and saw a couple of boats that were for sale that were just unbelievable, with a price tag to go with them as well. Well we didn’t find the market as it had moved to another day.

After our little siesta we decided to head over to Caesar’s bar in Calahonda for the poker game, a euro 55+5 game with 15 going into the bounty and 40 euros going into the prize pool. As we enter I recognise a few faces from Liverpool, Linda Bullivant and her crew and also Neil Fox from Brighton who’s over here with his family on holiday but out for the evening game of poker.

15 runners and I’m seated to Neil’s left although the game is fairly timid till we make final table some 90 minutes later. I pick up a few chips on final table and soon emerge as chip leader with Andrea in second place for a long time, I get lucky v Neil when he raises his bb x 3.5 with myself and Andrea in the pot (button and s/b) so I call with A5 suited, flop comes J high with a 5 on board and two clubs, Neil insta shoves for his remaining 12k while I’m holding around 22k, I’m putting him on AK or AQ now with two clubs and make the call although I’m completely wrong when he flips over QQ and I’m drawing thin, K on the turn while a 5 comes on the river to send Neil to the rail, heads up action soon comes between myself and Andrea where she catches 4 good hands on the trot to take the first prize although we were chopping it anyway, we paid 120 euro to enter and chopped 570 euros including the scalps so a profitable evening by any standard.


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