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6th October (Tuesday)
Today is market day in Puerto Banus so we are heading down there and I'm hoping to book a tee for tomorrow or Thursday and hopefully get Andrea to drive the buggy. Weather is fantastic and really hot around 30 'during the day dropping to around 21' at night time and no rain yet ;-)

October 5th (Monday)
Did not surface till after mid-day after our late night so we went out to find a bar on the beach for some breakfast. We find this one place where we order a couple of salads and while away a couple of hours playing blackjack. We then have a couple of hours around the pool (which is far too cold to use) at the hotel.

We head down to the local bar in the evening for the Villa v Man City game, I thought we were all over Man City and never looked like losing The Game, Heskey came on when Man City had drawn level and to be honest there were a couple of moments when I thought we had blown it, 2 points dropped in my opinion and I still think that Heskey should follow his mate Sol Campbell into the wilderness and do all Villa fans a favour.

4th October (Sunday)
A day by the pool today and meeting up with Caroline and Colin later then playing the e100 with 1 x e50 rebuy normally get 100 runners down in Marbella later.

We met up by the Caesars bar in Calahonda and make the trek over to Torrequebrada some 25 miles away from Calahonda, we find the casino as we enter the town quite easily as it's attached to the Hotel Torrequebrada and the casino's called Casino Torrequebrada - anyway the casino is really impressive, a slightly smaller scale from the G Casino at Coventry, We booked into the comp and had 45 minutes to spare so we had to find somewhere to eat, the bar in the casino offered sandwiches but did not think that would be enough, After walking round the hotel we discovered there was a fantastic Asian restaurant inside the hotel where we had a first class meal for around £ 20 head including the wine (first mistake of the evening, the wine) We sat on the balcony with some of the best views over the coast's that I've ever seen but the restaurant did not seem to market the balcony and unfortunately we had to make do and shift some tables together.

The comp started at 8.30pm and was in fact a 110 euro entry for 2000 chips, three 25 minutes of rebuy's at 50 euro for 2000 or 100 euro for 4000 chips with an add on of 4000 chips for 50 euro at the end of the rebuy period. We get to the table for around 9.15pm I had only lost 175 chips from my starting stack and I was in seat 8 while Caroline who had consumed 80% of the wine at the meal was in seat 3 and had only lost 75 chips? Caroline being Caroline introduces herself to the table and immediately starts getting the raised eyebrows of the predominantly Spanish players when she is raising and showing bluffs pots, ask's the lad "Reddy" how you say "nice hand" he tells her but she then changes it Too Nice Ass, encouraging people into the pot with garbage when she's got the nuts on a flop with KT AQJ getting a call from a Q4o, this geezer looked like he was a matador or something similar, about 6 'tall and around 18 stone of muscle behind him, "what the fuck you calling me with that hand for Pedro?? - thanks anyway darling," Nice ass "she talks then the geezer next to her into donating his chips to her with air and suddenly she's up to around 15k after 30 minutes or so and one of the chip leaders, then: DISSASTER ... she'd already had another couple of glasses of wine while sat at the table, then Decided to order a bottle of wine, She had just tapped this geezer on the back and thank him for his chips for the 2nd time when he lost it with her and sternly said to her "DO NOT TOUCH ME AGAIN - THIS IS IMMPOSIBLE" I must admit I was pissing myself inside that this one bird could put the rest of the table on mega tilt with her gob but that's exactly what she was doing, the floor was called and duly stood behind her for the rest of the evening, when she ordered another bottle of wine, the wine came and she was told "you can only have ONE glass ", I honestly did not think she was going to make it to mid-night with out getting her ticket

37 runners and the pot makes 8300 euros, I go back just after the break with 6000 having done a single rebuy and add on at the break, not good here playing premium hands before the break as the locals really will call you with any two pre connected cards. The dealers are all dressed like 007 out of the latest Bond movie and they all look the part along with one floor staff for each table that could also double up for James Bond, unfortunately that's where all the good points about the staff end - this card room must be a new one or the staff have never been trained as they were so fucking slow, each hand was taking 8 minutes to play, confusion with the chips in every hand, not ideas about the rules, really was abysmal the standard set by the staff.

Caroline gets busted shortly after the break followed by Andrea and Colin and I make it to final table where the money pays down 5. I'm on the bb blinds at 1500/3000 when the c / o makes it 9k (45,000) s / b 14,500 pushes all in for so action is on me and I'm sitting with 52000 - I try To establish that "if I flat call the all-in here, the lad in seat 1 can only call "I've got KJ hearts and really fancy seeing the flop, then there is this discussion for around 8 minutes where they say" No, seat 1 Can Go all-in flat call if you have raised three seat cause "I explained" under-raised "but they are having none of it, I fold, telling the floor that they are wrong and I ask what they are playing by rules but this is all falling on deaf ears, the c / o calls with AQ all-in've KT board comes 7h Ah Ts Th Qc and the all in survives, I woo my chance of scooping 60k + in the hand.

One of the Spanish lads at the table wearing a t-shirt is sexpoker.com having words with the floor staff about the ruling that they made and after around 40 minutes of discussions they admit they make mistake??? We had now got down to eight players remaining and it was about 3:30 one lad suggested chopping up the money and taking € 1150 each, the significant chip leader was up for this but one of the medium stacks wanted to play it out, I eventually exited at 4:15 in 4 spot for 800 euro, on picking up my money I was asked if I would like to leave a 10% tip, I said sorry I do not understand Spanish and took my winnings, even if I was living over here I would be hard pressed to go back to this casino.

Jut as I was leaving I got a text from my good mate Colin Young to say that I had taken the dtd Deepstack down. Well done mate two Deepstack without chopping either of them that is a remarkable achievement.

We finally get back to our hotel for around 6 a.m. Monday morning and the sun is just about to rise.

3rd October (Saturday)
Woke up quite early around 7am, just too warm to sleep. Finally went down for breakfast at around eleven o'clock Andréa 10 a.m. had got out of the pit. I then went down to the golf course attached to the hotel to arrange a game for later with Colin but they were quite busy with two society groups playing in the afternoon, Although I did manage to get a good rate off them - so might play later in the week and Andrea can drive the buggy.

We got a change of room down to the smell of the smoke in the room, for some reason in Spain they still allow smoking in hotel bedrooms, the new room did not smell any better even though its in the non smoking part of the hotel.

Fired up the sat nav with the postcode of the casino (Caesars Casino) in Calahonda and its about 35 minutes away according to the satnav, we make our way over there Although from when the machine says "you've reached your destination" till when we actually got to the bar where the comp was being held was about another hour later.

We get there and it's just like being down at the Broadway casino with all the familiar faces, Pete the Bandit turns up with Lisa, Paul Jackson's got his stable of runners - we ask both Paul and Pete to join us up for a game of golf but Paul wants to see the baggies on TV and Pete just wants to get lashed, Pete inform that we're going to be getting lashed on the golf course but can not persuade him.

Me and Colin head off and some half hour later we find ourselves on Calanova golf course, a course split in two Because of the new motorway, we manage to negotiate e105 for two rounds with a buggy and a set of clubs (£ 52 each) we stock up the buggy with a load of San Miguel and 2 boxes of golf balls (30) and off we set into the Spanish weltering sun, 90 'and we're necking the beer down, the course went downhill after the front nine Although the company and the weather was first class, Calanova for anyone wishing to play is a very long course and is set in very beautiful surroundings. We stop taking the scores on the back nine in all honesty Although the scores were not that bad considering we'd never played there before. We finish the course with just 15 remaining ball out of the 30 that we started with and I'm sure that we found a couple of balls as well while we were going around.

We head back to "Harrys Bar" where was the comp, 49 ladies had made the journey and Andrea was down to about 7k, I walk over to her table just as she pushes all-in, two minutes later and she's at the bar after bokken being by my presence.

Stayed and played some cash in here 1 to 2 euro sit down NL 100/200, 150 deposited onto the table and exited two hours later with 450 euro, had a nice little cash dispenser to my right who was calling 150 euros all in pre flop with Garlic!

2nd October
Got to the airport nice and early, grabbing some food in the Weatherspoons in the departure lounge in preference to the Ryan Air menu, Flight left on time and landed some 20 minutes early Although I can never remember Malaga being a 2 ¾ hour flight, perhaps they just extend the flight times so that they can Achieve a better record - such bullshit when they announce we have landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule even though it's taken 2 hours 20 minutes.

We make our way through passport control and baggage reclaim where I tell Andrea that I'm away down stairs to the car hire place to pick up our Renault Clio 3 door with air con "or similar" 140 euros having agreed in advance and expecting to pay for a full tank of fuel I thought I was aware of all the hidden charges! 3rd in the queue Which is rapidly getting longer we eventually got served some 35 minutes later. On completing the paperwork I am told that the car will be a Kia Picanto and it will be the same cost, I explain that I'm not happy as I could have booked a KIA Picanto from back home and it was only 115 euros, we decline the "extra" insurance rip off of 4.75 euros per day super super cover and are then charged 43.95 euros for the fuel, now I know for a fact that the tanks on the Picanto is not that big so I ask the question "how big Is the tank "" 35 liters sir "so we're being charged 1.5 euro per liter, with the exchange rate being almost 1 for 1 pound / euro this sounded like they were taking the piss, we later find out that it's only 1 euro per liter on most forecourts out here. We are then given the bill of 182.88 for the hire car to which i give them my debit card ... "We do not take debit card sir" credit cards only, ok then I'll pay by cash, "sorry sir - no cash" credit cards only, but I only have my debit card on me, "we can take your debit card but we have to add on the super super insurance if you want to pay by debit card "but I just thought you said" we can not take debit cards? "Andrea sensing tht it's about to kick off her credit card gives them. We then pick the car up (a bright yellow fucker) see picture and make our way down the coast road to the hotel arriving just after 11pm. No food available in this 4 star establishment "El Paraiso" so we head down the road and grab a great Chinese meal Down at the Golden Sun "Chino"


Dom said...

Was in marbella myself in the summer. Wish id played some poker too, sounds some great value. Nice write up here steve, keep up the good work and enjoy the sun, bit miserable over here in gloomy old blighty!

cashbiatch said...

Well I'm glad you remember the game steve as all I have is colin reminding me about whee I did a dance across the room behind a glass wall...

Went back to calahonda to play cash and ended up ahead - how I don't know.

great night anyway!!

Caroline x

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