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31st October (Saturday)
Well to be honest I still feel like crap and my stomach still feels like someone has battered me with a baseball bat. I’m just hoping that I can feel somewhat better for tomorrow night as I would really like to play the super sat at the Broadway tomorrow night with 10 seats guaranteed into their main event that has £100k guaranteed.

I think you can safely say that Liverpool’s ambitions of winning the premiership are well over after their banana skin at Craven Cottage today, while Villa’s draw away at Everton has to be seen as a well earned point while the ref has to hold his hand up to having a shocker making a mistake with his first red card sending off Evertons Diniyar Bilyaletdinov in what was a 50/50 tackle and then bowing to the crowds incitement when Villa’s Carlos Cuellar went in for a tackle and was shown a red card that didn’t even warrant his second yellow, perhaps he’s (the ref) got mates in china?

Happy Halloween everyone and if your out in Vegas I bet you'll have a fantasic night tonight.

30th October (Friday)
I manage the drive home after a sleepless night and am relived to have got home without falling asleep at the wheel. I make some phone calls to Liverpool later in the day and think I made the right decision not to play after I find out that they only had 25 runners for day 1B so 53 runners in total, I think that they need better publicity for any future events and I will now use that £500 towards a couple of side events at the Broadway festival next week.

I sleep for most of the remainder of the day and through the night, not even having the energy to fire up the laptop.

29th October (Thursday)
I am in bed all day today feeling like I’ve had the shit kicked out of me and beaten up in the middle of the night sort of confirms to me that I’ve caught this swine flu. I just want to close my eyes and sleep through it although even that aint easy when your feverish and a continuing migraine. I decide on some fresh air around 11pm and make the 3 mile trip into town to see how many runners as there’s no info on the rockpokeronline forum. I need to make a decision on whether I’m going to play tomorrow or not. 27 players have turned up for day 1A of the £550 main event with £40 guaranteed for 60 runners and I’m seriously concerned that they aint going to make the 60 runner mark.

I play Ian Nelson h/u for £100 and get walloped when my pocket ace’s run into his K4 on a board reading J4k47 board. I have a chat with him and he also thinks that there will only be about 30 runners for day 1B.

I make my way back to my hotel, still feeling like shit and concerned about the numbers I decide to tell the reception that I’ll be checking out in the morning.

28th October (Wednesday)
Well I still feel like shit today and am believing that this could be in-fact a touch of swine flu. I’ve been invited over to I’ve been invited over to Caroline and Colin’s pub  Dinner is planned for 5pm, James Browning and Lynne Beaumont will also be coming (must get some sports bets off James) having not eaten now for over 24 hours I’m looking forward to the meal even though I’m not that well – I’m hoping that a bit of food inside me will perk me up. I get over to the pub for 5pm, this place is out in the sticks but is well worth the visit if your in the area and if you like warm, inviting pubs with a nice local inviting feeling. The menu has been inspired by Colin who has put he’s personal touch on it with his tapas selection and dishes that sound like a couple of dykes working out (Carpetbaggers inc prawns!!!)

I’m so drawn that the warmth of the pub could have sent me to sleep apart from Caroline and Colin’s company, these are two friends that I have met through poker but would certainly hope to remain in contact with if I wasn’t involved with poker, they are both such a laugh and are both genuine people and Caroline give’s it to you as it is, if you don’t like the truth then don’t ask her opinion.

Were due to be at the Circus for 8pm but am in two minds that there wont be enough value there, There is also a £55 deep stack that starts at 8pm at Bolton that normally attracts over 100 runners and we’re just a 40 minute drive away from Bolton

James and Lynne get caught in traffic and arrive around 6.30pm with mine and colin’s main meal just being served up. The meal was great (always is when it’s free but would have been worth every penny had I paid) and the company was first class.

We all decided to make our way over to the G at Bolton and I make sure that we are all entered so we don’t need to go in as alternates. I get there at the end of the first level and have lost just 300 chips. At the end of the first brewak I have lost 6k in chips with just under 100 runners in the field.

I make it quite deep getting up to 25k with the blinds at 1000/2000 (ave 31k) and I’m on the sb with JJ(h&d) 5 limpers round to me so I’m happy to push my stack into the middle, bb folds and the utg limp thinks for ever and then flat calls me, every one else folds and my oppo turns over two black 6s, happy days I think when the flop comes 7c 9h Jc the turn brings a Tc with a 8c on the river giving us both a straight but my oppo has a club for the flush ;-(
I drive back to my hotel and have to pull over on the motorway leaving the steak meal I had earlier on the hard soldier.

27th October (Tuesday)

Struggled all day to stay awake, I had some lamb last night at the circus and although I don’t think there was anything wrong with it I’ve felt crap all night and all day spending most of my spare time in the bathroom

Villa manage to get the result against Sunderland but had to go through extra time and penalties to confirm their place in the next round of the cup.

Quarter-final draw:
Blackburn v Chelsea
Manchester City v Arsenal
Manchester United v Tottenham
Portsmouth v Aston Villa

Played in the £100 side event of the Liverpool Winter Festival that saw 75 runners stump up the required £110 fee for the 5000-starting stack, I eventually crash out just after the first break when I push all in on my bb with air (6 3 o) with 6 limpers in the pot at 400 each, I’m holding 7.5k and get looked up by someone with 2100 with 97 suited that holds up but has the benefit of guaranteeing me with future action every time I bet. I push all in on the button a few hands later with AK and get called by AT on the BB and the board comes QJJ9K.

I pay in for the £220 event for tomorrow but am undecided if I’m going to play it really. A lot of the locals say that it’s going to struggle with the numbers because of it’s lack of publicity and also the shortage of chips for £200 @ 6k – there is s strong rumour that Malcolm will change this to a 10k starting stack if he’s allowed to?



Dave "Bruce" Lea said...

Steve great blog as always, its always an enjoyable read. Plus real dedication still posting when your rough as fooook. Hope you feel better soon m8. Best of luck!!

Coachdad said...

Love your blog... casual poker player. I will enjoy reading your blog! Feel better soon.

cashbiatch said...

Cheers for your comments Steve x

Hope you're feeling better soon, there's some awful bugs going round Don't think you missed much pulling out of Liverpool. Might see you at Broadway this week x