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Negreanu defeated; Barry Shulman wins WSOPE Main Event

Some could pin it on tiredness - indeed, feeling the way i do now, i know i would - but Daniel Negreanu was unable to break the 63 year old Cardplayer owner. In a gruelling heads-up encounter, that saw the chip lead pass back and forth between the two players, it was Shulman who finally made the breakthrough.

The clock read 5.32am and Negreanu was pondering an all-in move from Shulman. Negreanu had already put a fair few chips in the pot but was in no way committed. Nevertheless, he turned to the rail and said: “So you all wanna go home, right?”

Followed swiftly by an “ah, I shouldn’t listen to the rail. I call”

The board was 5d 8d jc and Daniel flipped over Qc Jd only to see Barry turn a pair of aces.

All of a sudden, everyone was awake. Requests for a "queen" or "jack" were shouted from all corners of the Empire. It was difficult to know whether such one-sided support from the crowd were for reasons other than the fact that a jack/queen = bed time. Either way, the sudden grouped enthusiasm was duly rewarded with the jack of hearts on the turn. One that looked like it had sealed the deal between the two, until....

Badabish badabooom! The ace of diamonds falls on the river to give Shulman the full house and the vast majority of chips in play. As it so happened, both players picked up pocket pairs the next hand and all the chips went in. Barry Shulman made a set of tens on the flop and Negreanu's pair of fours were dead by the time the turn card fell.

An incredibly entertaining day to say the least and one that will be stuck in our memories for a long time. It was a sad sight to see both Praz Bansi and Daniel Negreanu so disappointed with the outcome - however, the £495,589 second place money, has lifted Negreanu into the all-time tournament winnings leader with over $12,000,000 to his credit.

1st .....£801,603 Barry Shulman
2nd ....£495,589 Daniel Negreanu
3rd ....£360,887 Praz Bansi
4th ....£267,267 Jason Mercier
5th ....£200,367 Markus Ristola
6th ....£150,267 Chris Bjorin
7th ....£114,228 Antione Saout
8th.....£87,074 Matt Hawrilenko
9th ....£66,533 James Akenhead

EPT London starts today so good luck to everyone playing in that event.

I've noticed on the Boylepoker site that I'm listed at just 200/1 for the IPO (16th/19th Oct), this comp will have over 1300 runners so starting price is very short, may be worth the eachway punt though paying 1/6th for 2-9th places.

Myself and Andrea fly to Spain later today. Andrea is to take part in the Betfred Womens Tournament tomorrow and then we have the rest of the week to chill out, returning next Saturday 10th October. Caroline from Liverpool will be there with her better half Colin who we're meeting up with on Sunday night for a meal also attending will be Lynne Beaumont 2007/2008 Betfred Ladies Champion

Not sure if I'll be updating while away so be lucky and stay safe.