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27th October (Tuesday)
Finally got the internet working in the room and am able to post.
Today see’s the first side event of the RPO Winter Festival £100 freeze out and I’m going to treat it as a satellite into the main event

Villa are flying high at the moment and I expect to see them tame the Black Cats tonight when they travell up to Sunderland, also backing Manu, Stoke and Blackburn to win tonight

26th October (Monday)
Travelled up to Liverpool for the RPO winter festival see links, got checked into the hotel which is in a really grotty area that is awaiting regeneration, I am assured that the hotel’s car park has cctv.

I make my way down to the casino for the 8pm start that quickly becomes 8.30 after a shortage of runners. We eventually get underway at 8.45pm with 65 runners paying £25 for 2.5k in chips, double rebuys are allowed and at the break I’m sitting on 15k with the ave at 7k and it’s cost me £100 the pot makes enough for 7 seats in the £550 main event and £200 for 8th spot

I’m on the bb 2k/4k when it folds to the button (we’re on the bubble with 9 players left) button limps as does the small and I check my option with J6o flop comes a very beautiful A66 checked all the way round and a 3 on the turn, checks round to the button who makes it 10k, sb folds and I push for another 24k all in, button insta calls with pocket 3s

I then deposit £200 on the cash table and have to reload after 20 minutes or so when I lose £150 chasing the nut flush draw with two others in the pot.

In for £350 and I walk away at around 4.30am with just over £550

25th October (Sunday)
I played the £100 freezeout which was also sold out but didn’t make the first break after I lost the majority of my chips with top two on the flop getting called all the way by a flush draw that caught on the river and left me crippled

24th October (Saturday)
150 sold out capacity for the £550 main event and I’m feeling good after my deep run last night.
Again I’m on Blatch’s table and we’re having some good banter, Blatch had ace’s something like 9 times during the day while I had them around 6 times.
Level 7 I had 45k with the ave at 18k
Level 8 I had 74k with the ave at 33k and 45 runners left
I got up to 125k and ten ran into a series of coolers which eventually saw me crash out in 30th spot with about 30 minutes of the last level of play remaining.

23rd October (Friday)
Got to Bristol early evening, 5 crashes on the other side of the road with rubber necking on our side made a 90-minute journey last 4 hours. Stopped at the Ibis next door to the casino and managed to bag a room at £50 per night.

So many of the regular tour players are here as well as a good influx of local players.

138 runners stump up the required funds to play the £220 freezeout and create a pot of £27,500

I have a fairly quiet start although at the first break I’m sitting with 15k when the ave was 8k

At the end of level 8 I’ve got 26k with the ave at 18k and 56 runners left

I get moved on to Blatch’s table getting myself up to 40k when I get involved with this one lad in the blinds 1k/2k/200 button makes it 8,500 and has another 21k behind him, I look down and find pocket queens so I re-raise to 21k, button then flat calls me leaving himself just 8.5k, the dreaded ace comes on the flop and I put the button all in hoping that his got a pocket 10s or jacks and he obv snaps with AQ, wp sir

I exit with around 22 runners remaining


cashbiatch said...

Steve - is "awaiting regeneration" a euphamism for derelict? Cmon mate there's cheap and there's doss houses, your place looks like they rent rooms by the hour :)

ROSSI said...


Just caught up with your last few blog posts, and cringed when i saw what hotel you had booked into. Like you say..not in the best area of Liverpool, to be honest i thought it had closed down.

Had i read your blog a few days ago i would have advised you stay in one of the nice hotels on the docks and you would have been able to walk to the casino or just jump in a taxi for a minute.

Not gonna be able to make it due to work restrictions and having a busted bankroll!!.
Hope you get a result whilst your up here mate (you did the buisness last time in Liverpool).

When you stay next year i will recommend you a decent hotel and hopefully make it down to play in the tornys.

Good luck, and dont wander round the area you took that photo late at night LOL

Michael said...

Where are you staying? Edge lane somewhere?

I'm playing tomorrow so see you there.


Anonymous said...

blimey steve
that was fun with yourself and neil when i got moved to your table in ME
I either made 2 good folds to you or got outplayed...but either is cool.

Steve H. said...

Hi Alex,
That was without doubt one of the best tables i have ever been on, banter, cards and players was a really good craic and I even remarked to neil late on how good the table had been .... all but that last level, but hey, thats poker ;-) you didnt get outplayed either, you made two good folds - remember, I never bluff )

Kevin Stevens said...

Don't think much of you're hotel, mind you probably better than a travel lodge.

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Hi Steve, how was the £100 @ Liverpool? I thought about playing the £200 but I imagine it to be a bit 'crapshooty'. See you on the 31st if you're up here?

Careybear said...

Good luck in the main event of the RPO festival...just noticed you left a comment on my blog awhile back :) Hope to meet you sometime :)