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23rd October (Friday)

Bristol Harbour side is the venue today for the £200 side event of the British Master poker tour with the £500 main event kicking off tomorrow, if you aint already brought in and your seriously wanting to play then you need to buy in as THIS EVENT IS GOING TO SELL OUT!!!

Had a great meal / buffet at Jimmy Spices in Birmingham last night finished off with a trip to the VUE cinema where we went to see “The Invention of Lying” with Ricky Gervais

Mark is a performer who tells the first lie in a world, where people only tell the truth and lying has never before existed. Once he realises what he can achieve by lying, there is no stopping him. He uses his new found ability to advance his career and charm the girl of his dreams, Jennifer (Jennifer Garner) - who is completely out of his league - to much comic effect.”

This film was no where near as funny as what I was hoping it to be and only caught my interest as Ricky Gervais was playing the lead role

Only managed a 6/10 from me.

Please see below details of a Exclusive Manchester United Poker Tournament
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Be lucky and have a good weekend.


Newy said...

Gud Luck Steve, hope it all goes well

badcallthat said...

nice little mention of you in todays daily star!

Amatay said...

gl in Bristol Steve

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Hi Steve
Meant to introduce myself a fellow blogger yesterday (table 3 seat 10) but didnt wnna shout across the table. Cant c u on chip counts so guess u didnt make day2. Long time reader and have you linked up and would appreciate the same.