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21st October (Wednesday)

Met up with Mark last night after playing the afternoon £10 rebuy down at Walsall although only getting halfway through the field after some twat put me on tilt and I tried to bust his pocket queens with TJ suited all in pre flop, (message to self: really must stop going on tilt during the game).

Walsall casino is renowned for crap food so rather than eating there we decided on the Indian curry house at the back of the casino The Cinnamon Court, now if you’ve never eaten here then your missing out on some great Indian cooking. Just a 2 minutes walk from the casino with great friendly staff and a simple menu leaving you spoilt for choice, £20 head normally gets you your drinks, popperdom, starters, main course with nan bread and if you got room for a desert, then you’ve got one big belly.

38 runners for the £50 T/C 15k deepstack and I have Santa Claus on my table and although being dented very early on for my first 5k I am sitting with 42k at the first break. I take a knock just before the second break when I lose a 50k pot with AK suited v 33 and the 33 held up leaving me with 39k I then get moved to Mark’s table just as he’s chips are shipping south when his AK is dominated by AA leaving Mark with under 5k and he is next to depart with around 15 runners left.

I get TT into 33 for my 29k holding that holds up and I make final table with 72k, paying down to just 4 spots savour is agreed for 5th spot and we eventually chop it up 3 ways for £500 each leaving £120 on top for the winner that was decided on a turnover between myself, Amir (Engineer) and Greek Steve with the latter coming out on top.

Booked my hotel today for the Liverpool festival for next week. Devonshire House (top pic) with single ensuite rooms from just £40 night including breakfast and free wi/fi in your room – follow the link and get booked up as the rooms sell out fast.

My birthday tomorrow and looking forward to the Bristol leg of the Gala/Coral British Masters Poker Tour, this is the last leg of the tour and your last chance to win a seat at the elusive 8 seater (Nutz tv) final table, dont be mistaken that because the 20/20 weekend at dtd is on that it will affect the numbers in Bristol - Bristol is almost sold out so if you are going or want to go then get down to any Gala/Coral casino and get yourself paid in - at the time of writing this post there were around 40 seats left for the main event which starts on Saturday afternoon with the £200 side event taking place on Friday night --- hurry up, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

If your reading this post "Stallion" sort my money out dude - your pissing me right off now...


Fenix35 said...

happy birthday tomorrow!

Mike & Louise Saban said...

Many Happy Returns Steve


Newy said...

Happy birthday old lad. Gud luck with the poker. Seems like u got a busy schedule.

Kevin Stevens said...

Happy Birthday Steve.