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20th October (Tuesday)

Had to chase Direct Line as the money/ cheque still hasn’t come for the builder even though they have promised twice now to send it out, I’m assured again that it will be sent out this week.
£50 deepstack over at Walsall tonight and catching up with Mark McCluskey for a bite to eat before the game

19th October (Monday)

The mid day flight back from Dublin set off ten minutes late but still managed to raise the Ryan Air Fan Fare on landing for being ten minutes early? Now how does that work exactly???

Pick the motor up from its service and MOT and a bill of just under £300 and they still haven’t done what it went in for!!! But they assure me that it will be fine till the next service.


I fire up the game on DTD website $10 rebuy for the £300 monthly live game, I notice that there are 8 tables on the go and there are 8 seated on 4 tables and 6 seated on the other 4 tables, I thought that this would adjust themselves after the first hand but it didn’t and ten minutes in they are still 4 x 8 and 4 x 6, I send them a text, and I’m told that they are just allowing for alternates for 10 minutes now?, “so why not have 8 x 7 seater tables? I ask” “if it was live that’s how it would be, but it’s a programme software and that is how it’s programmed.” was the response – “then the software is programmed wrong then and it’s unfair to the players on the shorthanded tables – just an observation”, I said – “thanks, we’ll look into it” said DTD

I had a similar situation on the DTD software back in mid July in a sat for their monthly deepstack (see above pic) our table had just been balanced putting two players into seats 6 and 10 now the problem was that seat 6 was between the small blind in seat 7 and the button (me) in seat 5, this player was given cards and allowed to act??? My email to dtd at the time read

“Please find enclosed screen shot taken during last nights 10 seat guaranteed
10euro rebuy.

My table has just gone from a 8 seat table to a 10 seat table.

I was previously on the small blind and now find myself on the button but a
player has now taken a seat between myself and the small blind, you will see
that this player has also been dealt in?? I also commented on the chat box
at the time.

I cant think of any situation in the world where an incoming player in that
situation would be allowed to take a seat and be dealt in - in between the
sb and the button.

Can you please clarify the situation for me.”

I chased again about a week later and had a goodwill credit of 12 euros put into my account although the situation has never been clarified.

I cant understand that with all the money that is gambled on-line that there doesn’t seem to be anyone regulating these programs that they run – and when you do bring it up with the company in question they just say “oh, it’s a software problem – we’ll have a chat with the lads at the server and get it sorted!!!”

DTD are not the only ones at fault here and to be honest they are all as bad as each other, 3 times in a three week spell going back about two months ago on the updated Gala/Coral site I was chip leader when the games just crashed completely after as much as 50 minutes into one evening and then just became a “cancelled” comp

These faults and inconsistencies just make you wander why you bother, these problems wouldn’t happen if you were live so why should we tolerate them because its online?

Let me know what you think about this or any issues that you've had.

Rant over….

Headed over to the Broadway Casino for the £25 8k freeze out that normally makes around £4k in the pot as opposed to the £15 rebuy over at Walsall where they guarantee £4k but just lately there’s been NO overlay so I think that the value will be at Broadway. I make Broadway as an alternate but play like a fucking donkey and within 20 minutes of taking my seat I am heading back up the M6 to Walsall to play the £4k guaranteed, I spend £60 here in the £15 rebuy’s and decide that enough and make my way home.

I’ve been asked to put a link on here for the Rock Poker Liverpool Festival coming up from 26th October / 1st November at the Circus Casino in Liverpool, I’m looking forward to playing this festival myself so look forward to seeing a lot of you up there

18th October (Sunday)
We had dinner at Café Novo at the Westbury Hotel (5 star) where burger and chips comes dressed up and served to you on a chopping board with the chips being served from some authentic looking candleholder and comes with a price tag of around 17 euros or £16.60 We were the only couple waiting to be served so our wait of around 15 minutes didn’t seem to excessive, the burger was ok, obviously 100% beef but slightly over done for my liking, what really topped off the meal was the fries which on first sight seemed to have a poor texture and were lacking any colour – on tasting them all I could actually make out was burnt/old oil, I got Andrea to taste a couple and asked her for her thoughts and she said the same as I was thinking, so I called the waitress over, explained the problem and asked her if the chef tasted the food before it left the kitchen, she said he tasted most things.. I then heard the chef say “burnt oil” 4 times, another waitress came over and tells me that the chef had changed the oil that morning and was there something that they could do to compensate me. I said “I’m not looking for compensation and I don’t need to be fobbed of with lies – the oil hadn’t been changed that morning and I invited the chef to come to my table and taste the chips” I also asked for the bill, The chef didn’t appear but the bill did and to their credit they had taken the burger meal off the bill as they should do, Andrea had the fish cakes at 16 euros and they were nice.

I played the sat on Gala for Bristol busting out in 5th place with two seats up for grabs and so decided to go to the sporting emporium to play the 75 euro freezeout getting there for 9.15pm but alas it started at 7.30 and not the advertised 8.30 on their website and the players were on a break when I got there. I make it back to the hotel in time to play the Sunday millions on Pokerstars but fail to make level 8 having my AK a/I pre called and busted by AQ

17th October (Saturday)
I played the main event of the Boylepoker IPO although I was out before the dinner break, Andrea was out shortly after dinner so we headed to the Fitzwilliam Club and played the £125 freezeout but did no good, I got my days expenses back off the cash table after I got busted and was waiting for Andrea. I was asked by Kieran Corbett from Boylesports to wear a Sunderland top for the day, I declined as Villa were about to kick off and I didn’t want to jinx myself or my team, I later found out that everyone in the Sunderland tops were Boyle bounties and I’m glad I said no now, enough people after my chips anyway without putting a sign on my head saying “come get me” ;-), any way the day was a fantastic crack seeing loads of people I hadn’t seen in ages and I really do enjoy playing in Ireland, just a shame that the euro is at such a shit rate at the moment.

Villa got a fantastic result against the mighty blues of Stamford Bridge

16th October (Friday)
We arrived and checked into the hotel, decided to go get something to eat up the Temple Bar district and found a really nice Italian called Botticelli, a little on the pricey side but really fast service and great food.

We then went to the Sporting Emporium and played their evening £40 tourney that I soon crashed out off so decided to sit down on the £1/£1 PLH with £150 walking away 2 hours later with around £450 – so the evening was paid for.